Agent: Tom Witcomb

Biography: Andrew ‘to rhyme with Bumbridge’ Grumbridge was born in 1961 in Kingston-upon-Thames. He was awarded a bachelor of arts (Hons) in Philosophy at the University of Kent in 1983, and completed a PGCE at Cambridge University in 1987. He currently lives in Herne Hill, London.

Andrew has written and produced for magazines such as Smash Hits and NME, had articles published in The Guardian, and worked on TV channels such as United Artists Programming (later Flextech). In 2000 he joined Channel 4 to become editor of and helped to launch Big Brother in the UK, acting as Digital Managing Editor there before moving on to join Virgin Radio (now Absolute Radio) as a director in 2007. During this time, he is proud to have pioneered innovations such as free music festival passes for directors and biscuits at board meetings.

His other credentials include having received the Children as Writers award, published by WH Smith in 1978, and appearing on radio shows to promote his work at Channel 4 and Bravo. In 2014 Andrew co-founded the Deserter website and writes for it under the nom de plume, The Dulwich Raider, in addition to being the co-creator of Deserter IPA, a beer joyfully described as an ‘All-day breakfast IPA’.   

In his leisure time he records music and likes to write, and despite promoting re-connection with the inner slacker, Andrew expects to have completed DESERTERISM: HOW TO SHIRK, REST & PLAY with Vincent Raison in early 2016. 

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