Photo copyright: Alex Bailey

Photo copyright: Alex Bailey

Christopher Miles

Agent:  Conrad Williams

Biography: Among his nine cinema feature films and supporting cinema features, Christopher Miles has received Golden Globe and Hollywood Oscar nominations, won the British Critics Circle and 1st prize at Oberhausen and San Francisco Film Festivals, and won Diplomas at Taoromina, London, Belgrade, Cannes, and San Diego Festivals.  He has also made 10 TV Specials, and over 100 commercials. 

Feature films:

  • THE CLANDESTINE MARRIAGE (2000. Feature film -  18th century romantic comedy of money, marriage and morals. Starring Nigel Hawthorne, Joan Collins, Timothy Spall, Tom Hollander. Screenplay:  Trevor Bentham from the play by David Garrick and George Coleman jnr. Portman Entertainment in association with British Screen and the BBC - released by Universal in 2000)
  • PRIEST  OF  LOVE (1981. Feature film on the life of D.H.Lawrence and his wife Frieda. Starring Ian McKellen, Janet Suzman, Ava Gardner, Penelope Keith, John Gielgud. Screenplay: Alan Plater - from the biography 'Priest of Love' by Harry T. Moore. Orion Pictures USA. Producers: Christopher Miles & Andrew Donally)
  • THE  MAIDS (1975. Feature film drama of two French maids who plan, and then murder their mistress. Starring Glenda Jackson, Susannah York and Vivien Merchant. Screenplay: Christopher Miles & Robert Enders from the Jean Genet play. EMI   American Film Theatre)
  • THAT  LUCKY  TOUCH (1975. Feature film  - a romantic comedy, and the first to satirise the Common Market. Starring Susannah York, Roger Moore, Shelley Winters, Lee J.Cobb, Jean-Pierre Cassel. Producer: Dimitri de Grunwald with Timothy Burrill. Screenplay: John Briley. EMI with Gloria Films   de Grunwald Films)
  • TIME  FOR  LOVING (1971. Feature film comedy - Three sets of lovers rent the same room in Montmartre at different times during the 1930's. Starring Joanna Shimkus, Philippe Noiret, Britt Ekland, Susan Hampshire, Mark Burns, Mel Ferrer, Michel Legrand. Original Screenplay: Jean Anouilh. Rank/London Screenplays. Producer: Dimitri de Grunwald/Mel Ferrer)
  • THE  VIRGIN  &  THE  GYPSY (1970. Feature film - a Rector's daughter rebels against her family by having a relationship with a gypsy. Starring Joanna Shimkus, Franco Nero, Honor Blackman, Mark Burns. Screenplay: Alan Plater - from the novel by D.H.Lawrence. Rank/London Screenplays. DVD Arrow films 2007. Producer: Kenneth Harper)
  • THE  SIX  SIDED  TRIANGLE (1963. Cinema short - showing the moment a husband returns home and finds his wife with a lover - and how six different directors might have treated it. Sarah Miles, Nicol Williamson, Bill Meilen. British Lion Films/Milesian. Wrote, produced with Sara Bennett and the Boulting Brothers)
Television drama:
  • NECK (TV - first drama in Roald Dahl's "Tales of the Unexpected" Series. Anglia Television. Starring John Gielgud, Joan Collins, Michael Aldridge, Peter Bowles. Screenplay: Robin Chapman from a Roald Dahl short story)
  • ALTERNATIVE  3 (TV - Drama/documentary purporting to show a link between Britain's 'brain-drain', climate change and a human colony on Mars. Starring Tim Brinton, Shane Rimmer, Gregory Munro, Carol Hazell. Screenplay: David Ambrose from an original story by Christopher Miles & David Ambrose. Anglia Television - 1977  DVD Soda Pictures 2007, re-released 2007 Soda Pictures)
  • ZINOTCHKA (TV Drama special based on a Chekov short story of a young boy's first hate. Starring Charlotte Rampling, Raymond Francis, Madge Ryan. Screenplay: Melvyn Bragg from a Chekov short story. BBC  Television - Full House - 1973)


  • FIRE FROM OLYMPIA  (TV Documentary on the origins of the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece and the UK. Featuring Daley Thompson, Professor Stephen Miller. ERT TV (Greece) & ET TV (Spain). Wrote and directed)
  • LOVE  IN  THE  ANCIENT  WORLD (TV documentary - showing that the ancients were having much more fun and knew a great deal more psychologically than we think we do about love and sex. Featuring Kathleen Turner,  Gary Raymond, Vernon Dobtcheff, Allan Corduner. Milesian Films in association with Primetime and A&E Network (USA) - with Bayerischer Rundfunk. Wrote, produced and directed)
  • LORD  ELGIN  AND  SOME  STONES  OF  NO  VALUE (TV docudrama special using Lord Elgin's own correspondence to examine how he managed the frieze from the Parthenon in Athens in the early 1800's. Channel 4 Television  (UK).    Milesian Films   ERT 1 (Greece) 1985. Starring Nigel Havers, Clare Byam Shaw, Julian Fellowes, Hugh Grant. Co-wrote with Brian Clark, produced and directed) 
  • DALEY'S  DECATHLON (TV documentary of Daley Thompson winning the European Games and breaking the world record, which also examines the ancient and modern decathlon techniques. Featuring Daley Thompson, Richard Slaney, Jurgen Hingsen. BBC Television / Home Video Holdings   Milesian/Kulukundis Film Productions - 1982)