In Development:

MR RIGHT (40 minute dramedy)

THE END (drama short)

UNDERSTUDY (thriller)

BODIES (40 minute dramedy)

HEAVEN/HELL (high concept comedy)

PRINCE CHARMING (feature-length fantasy comedy)

SUSPECT, WEAPON, PLACE (30 minute dramedy)

 Daniel J Layton

Agent: Louisa Minghella

Daniel J. Layton is a London-based writer, actor, vlogger, baker, singer, presenter, and comedian. Daniel’s Youtube channel has over 94,000 subscribers.

Daniel trained in screenwriting at the University of Lincoln and currently lives in London. He has performed in an array of short films, music videos and comedy sketches. He has also partnered with Cineworld to present coverage of red carpet premieres.

His cookbook, "Baking With Layton: Also You!" was released in 2019.

Daniel has performed live comedy at the Reading & Leeds festivals, Alexandra Palace and London's ExCel centre.

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