Daniel Martin Eckhart

 Agent:  Julian Friedmann

Biography: Daniel is an exciting scriptwriter with a passion for dark thrillers, crime stories and comic books. He's a classically trained actor and studied scriptwriting in New York, where his works received immediate attention from the Academy Foundation's Nicholl Fellowships. Now living with his family on a farm in Switzerland, Daniel also writes German language scripts.

Daniel's first job was a boring commercial apprenticeship, which he left to join the army. He then escaped to the Vatican to become a Swiss Guard and protect the Pope. He did that for two years before joining the United Nations, working at the New York headquarters, plus five years in Israel, Lebanon, Iran and Iraq.

He held different positions, among them security officer, and has had his share of close calls with bullets, bombs and kidnappings. But he says, 'Hey, I've always been lucky'. He quit the UN to go to acting school in New York at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre. He graduated in 1992, he hasn't stopped writing since.

Daniel's book on screenwriting:

  • http://www.danielmartineckhart.com/2017/01/a-screenwriters-life.html

Produced credits:

  • BLOOD EAGLE (Thriller for ARD Television, produced by Mona Film. Directed by Nils Willbrandt, starring Peter Lohmeyer as Jan Fabel. Based on the second book in the FABEL series by Craig Russell)
  • WOLFSHARTE/BROTHER GRIMM (Thriller for ARD Television, Producer Mona Film. Directed by Urs Eggers starring Peter Lohmeyer. Based on the novel by Craig Russell)
  • GSG 9: REJECTED (Episodic action for SAT1 Television, Producer Typhoon Film)
  • CRIME SCENE: ONE AND ONLY (Crime drama for SWR Television, Producer Maran Film)
  • THE CLEVER ONES: BLOOD TIES (Episodic thriller for RTL Television, Producer Studio Hamburg Film)
  • CRIME SCENE: A BETTER DEATH (Crime drama for SWR Television, Producer SWR)
  • THE CLEVER ONES: PURE WORLD (Episodic thriller for RTL Television, Producer Studio Hamburg Film)
  • CRIME SCENE: A MURDEROUS FAIRYTALE (Thriller for BR Television, Producer Bavaria Television)

Original available screenplays:

  • CRACKER'S WORLD (Action Comedy)
  • OUT THERE (Thriller)
  • BOXMAN JAKE (Drama Mystery)
  • THE WAY IT IS (Comedy)
  • WALLSPACE (Action Thriller)


  • A MURDEROUS FAIRYTALE (Grimme Prize Nomination 2001)
  • BREAKFAST IN ATLANTIS (Nicholl Fellowships & Chesterfield semifinalist)
  • CRACKER'S WORLD (Nicholl top ten, Empire finalist, Chesterfield semifinalist)
  • NOT MINDING THE HURT (Chesterfield & Empire semifinalist)
  • OUT THERE (Nicholl Fellowships quarterfinalist)
  • THE WAY IT IS (Empire quarterfinalist)
  • WALLSPACE (Empire quarterfinalist)