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David Gilman

Agent:  Conrad Williams

Biography: During the 1980's David Gilman was based in South Africa representing two of the best known  British publishing houses, helping, among other things, to establish Sonny Mehta's new imprint Picador.  During that time he also wrote hundreds of radio scripts. Before turning to writing full time he co-created Capricorn Publishers, a small publishing house specialising in non fiction, where he was publishing director. From the late eighties he wrote for SABC English television service, creating and writing a number of four part mini-series and thirteen part multi-stranded series which won a number of  SASWA, IDEM, and ARTES awards. 

In 1994, A DEATH IN THE FAMILY, a four part mini series, was submitted for Best Foreign Emmy. Two screenplays were filmed for theatrical release as co-productions with USA. Returning to live full time in the UK in 1996 he wrote four screenplays for German television, one of which, SWEET LITTLE SIXTEEN, took the highest film rating of the year for the broadcaster. Various adaptations and treatments for original TV series followed for UK producers. He has been the principal writer on A TOUCH OF FROST, garnering the highest audience share for a ITV drama in the year and a BAFTA nomination for Best Single Drama.

David Gilman launched the first of his teen action-novel series DANGERZONE (Puffin) in 2007. THE DEVIL'S BREATH was followed by ICE CLAW and BLOOD SUN. He is currently writing a trilogy of medieval war novels MASTER OF WAR for Head of Zeus, commencing publication Spring 2013. Read more about David's books here.


In development:

  • ORADOUR (A feature film script based on the book by Robin Mackness, producer Richard Bates, Watermill Productions Ltd)

Produced/TV credits:

  • NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE (2-hour episode of A TOUCH OF FROST for YTV / Excelsior)
  • ANOTHER LIFE (2-hour A TOUCH OF FROST Special for YTV / Excelsior: TX November 2003. BAFTA nomination for Best Single Drama and Best Drama Series, National TV Awards 2003)
  • HELD IN TRUST (2-hour episode of A TOUCH OF FROST for YTV / Excelsior: TX September 2003)
  • HIDDEN TRUTH (2-hour episode of A TOUCH OF FROST for YTV / Excelsior: TX January 2003: Ratings 11.6 million)
  • MISTAKEN IDENTITY (2 x 90-minute episode of A TOUCH OF FROST for YTV / Excelsior: Televised January 2002: Ratings: 12 million)
  • BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT (2 x 90-minute episode of A TOUCH OF FROST for YTV / Excelsior: Televised January 2001: Ratings 14.69 million)
  • DALZIEL & PASCOE (90-minute film for the BBC: Co-written by Elizabeth Ann Wheal)
  • SWEET SIXTEEN (Frankfurt / Pro Sieben, Germany: Produced August 1998)
  • SON OF MAN (13 x 30-minute adaptation of the novel by Professor N Saule: Cap Waterfront / SABC)
  • HILL OF FOOLS (13 x 30-minute adaptation of the novel by Professor N Saule. Cape Waterfront / SABC. Highest rating drama in SABC broadcasting history)
  • THE SAFE HOUSE (13 x 60-minute: Heyns Films / SABC)
  • HAND OF A STRANGER (4 x 60-minute: Cape Waterfront / SABC)
  • HOMELAND (13 x 60-minute: Heyns Films / SABC / Primetime UK)
  • THE SYNDICATE (13 X 60- minute: Cape Waterfront / SABC. Broadcast 1995)
  • BUTTERFLY DREAM (4 x 60-minute: The Film Company / SABC)
  • MMG ENGINEERS (4 x 60-minute: IFC Toron / SABC. ARTES nomination 1995)
  • DEATH IN THE FAMILY (4 x 60-minute: Cape Waterfront / SABC. ARTES Nomination 1994. EMMY Foreign Nomination 1994)
  • STOLEN LIVES (13 x 60-minute. Ivan Hall Productions / SABC. ARTES Nomination 1994)
  • IN HARM'S WAY (Commissioned adaptation of Geoffrey Jenkins' novel. Leisureco Films / August. Entertainment, USA. with Jean Michael Vincent)