Eliza Power

Agent: Conrad Williams

Biography: Eliza Power is a playwright, screenwriter and actress. She has a BA in English and Classics from Kings College, London and an MA in Text and Performance from RADA.

Her highly acclaimed plays have enjoyed sell-out runs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Sydney Fringe Festival, The Hen and Chickens Theatre, Tristan Bates Theatre, Etcetera Theatre, Bike Shed Theatre and White Bear Theatre. 



Ten minute monologue, commissioned by Goblin Baby Theatre Company as part of their Princess Monologues production at Theatre N16, The Space and The Bread and Roses (November-December 2015).

Gretchen plays Sleeping Beauty at Disneyland. And today she turns 27. Exactly one day too old to be a Disneyland Princess. As career wilderness approaches and her Tinder dreams backfire, she must finally drop her glittery guise and    confront the past she's been hiding from.


Premiered at the Hen and Chickens Theatre, London (February 2015). Produced by Unrestricted View and Sibling Productions. Directed by Alisa James.

Time Out public reviews (5 stars): Great play with an inspired twist. A layered plot and finely tuned, intelligent script. Tragi-comedy with a twist.


Premiered at the Hen and Chickens Theatre, London (August 2014), as part of the Camden Fringe. Produced by Sibling Productions and directed by Tessa Hart.

“It keeps us engaged all the way through, looking out for the next breadcrumb thrown to us by Power… Darker the Night is a well-written piece, delivered with style by a cast and crew who clearly get Power's vision. An intriguing new play.”  Views from the Gods, Four Stars

“Eliza Power’s Darker the Night is her most accomplished work to date... Power has woven together a tale of cults, psychological manipulation and the power of belief in a way that’s familiar yet also very fresh...  A modern day Brontë who melds the notion of the supernatural with the better angels (and devils) of our nature, Power is a talent to watch.”  Michael Davies – Female Arts


Premiered at the White Bear Theatre, London (July 2010, sold out) and transferred to C Venues, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2010 (August 2010). Produced by Cougar. Directed by Catherine Robey.

Performed at Etcetera Theatre, London (March sell out run and June sell out run 2011) and transferred to the Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter (July 2011). Producer Sibling Productions, directed by Jennifer Tang.

Performed Sydney Fringe Festival, Sydney (2012), produced and directed by Katherine Martinez.

Reviews for 2011 season:

"A refreshingly honest, emotive and at times mysterious play...FEATHERS thrillingly captures the dark twisted impact of how ones tormented past can infiltrate the present..,leaving the audience to contemplate one question can we ever truly escape from those memories we would prefer to forget? Camden Gazette, Five stars

From the Edinburgh festival 2010, by the promising writer Eliza Power...FEATHERS is a perfect union between dance and drama, which shows true sensuality. Paneaqua Magazine

Reviews for 2010 season:

"Dialogue is sharp, utterly convincing and wholly owned a welcome change to the avant-garde which is often Fringe fare." Catherine Meek, Three Weeks (Four stars).

"Sharp, slick and shocking dramaThis taut drama, based on one of Ovids Metamorphoses, captures your attention from the outset The script is incredibly sharp, funny and moving."  Broadway Baby (Five stars).

"With sibling rivalries, sexual tensions and an eye-averting rape scene, Eliza Powers script, based on Ovid, shows an intelligent handling of the tale of two sisters doomed relationship with each other." David Pollock, The Scotsman.

"This highly promising script is full of excellent subtext The dialogue is concise, every sentence is charged with meaning and thought." Remote Goat. 


Hen and Chickens Theatre, London (March 2013, then transferred to the One Hand Applauding Festival January 2014, both sell out runs), Etcetera Theatre (transferred March 2014 – as part of the Women in Theatre Festival). Directed by Lisa Torres Douglas. Produced by Short Cuts (March 2013), One Hand Applauding Festival (Jan 2014) and WIT Festival (March 2014).

A quirky and humorous piece, but also tragic, exploring how difficult it is to get over someone and the lengths people will go to, because they are scared to be alone.” Female Arts, five stars (January 2014)

"This very funny and clever piece of writing provided an excellent opener for the festival...literally an electrifying start to the evening." Theatre Junkie, Four stars. (March 2013)


Premiered The Hen and Chickens Theatre, London (February 2014). Produced by Short Cuts, Director Lee-N Abela.


Premieredat The Hen and Chickens Theatre, London (November 2013). Produced by Short Cuts, Director Lee-N Abela.


Premiered at The Hen and Chickens Theatre, London (June/July 2013). Produced by Short Cuts, Director Sheryl Hill.


The Tristan Bates Theatre, London (November 2012, sell out run) and then transferred to the One Hand Applauding Festival, Hen and Chickens Theatre, London (January 2013). Produced by Sibling Productions and the One Hand Applauding Festival, directed by Lisa Torres Douglas.


Tristan Bates Theatre, London (July 2012). Produced by Sibling Productions, Director Stephen Whitson.

Film and TV


Sit com pilot set in a rural Irish town, optioned to Sprout/Parallel Pictures.

TEMPEST (working title)

A modern retelling of Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

Commissioned/Directed by Laura Marie Linck for Shakespeare’s Sister (Film London) 2016.


Londoner Stef escapes to rural Ireland determined to leave her troubled past behind her. A tale of fate, mystery and new beginnings.

TEAfilms/Sibling Productions (Produced 2012).