(c) Simon Kimmel

(c) Simon Kimmel


Agent: Juliet Pickering

Elizabeth Uviebinené is a Brand Marketer from London, upon graduating from Warwick University with a Politics degree she has gone on to work for some of the biggest global brands in Finance and eventually promoted to a Marketing Manager. With a natural flare for spotting changing consumer needs, trends and driving innovation, she has mastered the art of creating culturally attuned marketing strategies that are both forward-looking and commercially relevant.

A passionate marketer and a Google Top Black Talent mentee in the past, Elizabeth is well aware of the importance of representation and diversity – something she feels is distinctly lacking on bookshelves, in business and politics.  After reading Sheryl Sandberg’s LEAN IN, Ariana Huffington’s THRIVE and Sophia Amoruso’s #GIRLBOSS, Elizabeth keenly felt the absence of a self-help book that spoke to her as a young, black, twenty-something woman navigating careers and all aspects of her life. Failing to find a book that acknowledged the uniquely challenging experiences of minority women, she relayed the idea to Yomi Adegoke, her co-author, and suggested they be the women who write it. Elizabeth and Yomi are currently working on their first book, SLAY IN YOUR LANE, which will be published by 4th Estate in July.

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