Photography credit: Rachel Hein Photography

Photography credit: Rachel Hein Photography

Emma J. Bell

Agent: Hattie Grunewald

Biography: Emma J. Bell is a reformed lawyer, having been a partner in Scotland’s largest law firm until 2010. As a litigator, she saw how some people thrive in the face of trauma, while others fall apart. As a daughter and sister, she saw members of her family deal with adversity in dramatically different ways.

The drive to understand why some thrive when others barely survive took her on a journey of over 35,000 miles around the world to interview 50 ordinary people who had faced extraordinary and diverse challenges. Each of them had one thing in common; they were thriving.  Emma wanted to understand the common resilience strategies they applied in their journey from surviving to thriving. She discovered that there are 9 Secrets to Thriving and she writes about the stories of the remarkable 50 Thrivers, and how we can each apply the wisdom they shared in order to thrive every day.

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