Photo: Kate Davis-Macleod

Photo: Kate Davis-Macleod

Eve Kalinik

Agent: Juliet Pickering

Biography: Eve is a BANT and CNHC registered Nutritional Therapist with a BA in Psychology. Following a 13 year career in fashion & editorial, Eve left the wonderfully crazy corporate world to follow a passion in all things naturopathic; being a true foodie, nutrition was the obvious path. Eve doesn’t believe in diets, but rather in an individually-tailored approach focused on eating beneficial and therapeutic foods for optimum health and wellness. 

Eve is a columnist for Psychologies and at Matches. She contributes regularly to newspapers and magazines, runs nutrition masterclasses and is a consultant for leading naturopathic brands. She has also contributed to books promoting health and wellness, and is planning to write her own. 

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BE GOOD TO YOUR GUT by Eve Kalinik