Hattie Grunewald graduated from University of East Anglia in 2013 with a BA in English and Creative Writing, and started work as an intern at Blake Friedmann the following week. She assists across the book department, handles short fiction and permissions on behalf of Blake Friedmann clients, and has been building her list of authors since January 2016.

Hattie is looking for women's fiction, crime and thrillers outside of the 'male cop, dead woman' mould, speculative fiction and realistic YA and middle-grade fiction. In non-fiction, she is looking for personal development, accessible books about politics, economics and science, and funny and clever narrative non-fiction. She is not currently accepting fantasy fiction for adults or teenagers, picture books, or sport books - sorry!

Specifically (but not exclusively), Hattie loves: love stories, especially slow-burners or ones disguised as something else; dysfunctional families (particularly step families, or dads who are neither deadbeats nor heroes); large sprawling casts of diverse and believable characters; authors from under-represented backgrounds; books that aren't afraid to call themselves feminist; books about mental health; blogs and tweets and writers that understand social media; pop culture; anything to do with food.

Hattie is also a poet. Her first pamphlet was published by Nasty Little Press in 2013, and one of her poems also appeared on tube trains across London as part of the 'Poems on the Underground' scheme. 

Clients: Kirsty BashforthEmma J. Bell, Clare Best, Ryan Collett, Estate of Teresa Crane, Drew DaviesRebecca Denton, Roxane DhandMark Freeman, Fox Fisher, Sue FortinDr David Haslam, Lucy Hay, Beryl Matthews, Catherine Miller, Alison Norrington, Not Plant Based (Laura Dennison & Eve Simmons)Eminé and Paul Rushton, Anbara Salam, Lauren Sharkey, Jennifer StoneSarah Stovell, Nancy Tucker, Steve White, Stephanie Yeboah, Ugla Stefanía Kristjönudóttir Jónsdóttir.

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