Louisa Minghella joined Blake Friedmann in early 2019 after stints all over the creative industry. She heads up the children’s/YA arm of the company, works across the media department, and has begun building her list of writers.

Previous to working at Blake Friedmann, Louisa has written several plays and took a production role on ‘We Wants It’ starring Andy Serkis, which is now the most watched political film in British history.

Louisa is looking for writers who are going to be at the forefront of progressive, cutting edge media. She is particularly interested in taking on diverse writers with a fresh look at modern life. She wants to be working with the pioneers of representation in film and TV.

Louisa loves high concept drama and comic noir. She is also looking for juicy and original thrillers, and wacky, surreal comedy. Louisa loves family drama, complicated characters, and ambition. Louisa isn’t looking for crime/cop procedurals, murder mysteries, or period pieces at the moment.  

Louisa is also a singer, tattoo enthusiast, and dog lover.

Clients: Joanne Lau, Daniel J Layton, Amy Mason, Michael Richardson

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