Pamela Townley

Agent: Julian Friedmann

PAMELA TOWNLEY is a prolific writer of different genres. She started her career with film companies including British Lion and Columbia, then moved to Compton Pictures and worked on the some of the films of Roman Polanski, such as REPULSION, and in production with Tony Tenser and the director Michael Klinger.  She then went to work for David Hemmings on BLOW-UP and for Richard Harris. Later she worked again with David Hemmings on RUNNING SCARED, with Robert Powell, retaining lifetime friendships.

Pamela decided she wanted to write.  She funded this with jobs as a disc jockey in London clubs; working for Lord Alexander Hesketh and his Formula One driver, James Hunt; modelling first in London and then Amsterdam; becoming a professional gambler in London casinos; and with an international magnate worked as his ambassador in Paris for a while socializing with the girls from Madame Claude, taking time out in St. Tropez with the jet set and with Texan oilmen and their wives, with the Royal family in Morocco, and on trips to Moscow to meet with the then Russian president, Mr. Kosygin.

There wasn’t enough money to write full time so she sold all her jewellery and went  to Bermuda, taking a pretty cottage by the ocean where she wrote her first book, THE IMAGE.  Carole Blake took her on as a client and the book got onto the New York Times bestseller list.  Signing a three-book deal with McDonald-Futura, she then wrote FOXY LADY, BREATHING SPACE, and WINTER JASMINE, in the same genre.  And asked to write a sensual hero for all women, she also wrote ROGAN’S MOOR.  

Pamela was then bought by Hodder/New English Library, and given the chance to write a saga, THE STONE MAIDEN, a tale stretching through two world wars, the birth of the welfare state and the international airline industry, and two warring and contentious families, one born wealthy, one born poor, where revenge was the issue from the rape of a kitchen girl by the two sons of the manor and her then emigrating to America to source her subsequent rise to power, and return. This story stretched through two books.  NEAREST OF KIN followed, the two books covering the years 1910-1976.  This saga, a testament to a new world order, was also a New York Times best seller.

She spent time in LA with her now ex-husband, actor Gavan O’Herlihy, and their two boys before returning to the UK where she wrote her next two novels BERMUDA and ASPEN. A further common-law marriage ensued that involved amongst other things, her husband’s polo team competing against Prince Charles and his sons. But, her partner wanting her to be constantly ‘social’, she wasn’t allowed to write so separation followed.

Since then she has exhibited as a portrait painter, worked as a design gardener and a property developer.  Now the children have left the nest she has settled in a picturesque corner of England with her dogs and her computer and is focusing only on writing. The main change is genre: Pamela has written her first dark thriller SOMEONE KNOWS. She has also written a supernatural thriller screenplay THE DARK BEHIND THE WINDOW.