Tim John

Agent:  Conrad Williams

Biography: After British television success as one of the original writers for "The Max Headroom Show", and a spell writing for HandMade Films, Tim pursued a seven-year career in Hollywood, writing feature screenplays for nearly all the major studios, together with Network and Cable television.  As well as working on his original material, he has also worked with stars such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Murray. Tim returned to live in England a few years ago, where he continues to write for both sides of the Atlantic, generally working in Comedy, although his material is taking on an increasingly dark tone.  He blames his mother. His film adaptation of the best-selling A STREET CAT NAMED BOB commenced production in October 2015. ADVENTURES IN LALA LAND, Tim's warts-and-all book about his family's seven years in Hollywood was published on Amazon in 2014. See here.


A STREET CAT NAMED BOB: Best British Film at the National Film Awards

THE JOURNEY OF THE ELEPHANT SOLIMAN: Best Screenplay at the German Animation Screenplay Award at ITFS17 (co-writer)


Recent projects:

Currently In Development/Production:

  • 2018: EINSTEIN ENIGMA Feature film rewrite for Belga Films
  • 2017: THE BOOK WITH NO NAME Dialogue polish for Belga Films
  • 2016: A STREET CAT NAMED BOB Screen adaptation of the best-selling book by James Bowen, about a busker/addict redeemed by his relationship with a stray cat. Shooting Script Films, Producer Adam Rolston, Exec producer Damian Jones, director Roger Spottiswoode, starring Luke Treadaway and Ruta Gedmintas, financed by Prescience, distributed by Sony. Theatrical release and Royal Premiere November 2016. 
  • 2016: EASTER DADDY Original screenplay optioned to Shooting Script Films, producer Adam Rolston.
  • 2016/18: BLAKE AND MORTIMER Feature film script for Belga Films, co-written with Oliver Huzly.
  • 2016: THE ELEPHANT SOLIMAN An animation feature rewrite for FFL Film, producer Matthias Drescher.
  • 2016: DARK SATANIC MILLS A futuristic thriller based on the eponymous graphic novel. Treatment for Viva Films.
  • THE SHIPPING MAN (2015. Feature film adaptation of the book be Matthew McLeery, commissioned by Lars Wogan)
  • HUGO (2014. Feature animation script for Anima Vitae, Finalnd)
  • OUT OF EVERYWHERE (2014. Feature rewrite for AZT Ltd. Director Ilana Rein)
  • ADVENTURES IN LA-LA LAND (2013. Memoir published by Ant Press)
  • CHAMPIONS (2012. Feature film screenplay for Filmline, Germany)
  • TO PRUSSIA WITH LOVE (2012. Feature film adaptation of the book by Roger Boyes for FFP, Germany)
  • DENNIS THE MENACE (2012. Two 11" episodes in the series, Red Kite Animation)

Feature film commissions:

  • CARPOOL (New Regency)
  • WHISKY GALORE (Remake: Alba Productions)
  • STRIPPING ASSETS (Piccadilly Films)
  • SPACE COMEDY (Gemini Films)
  • LOOKING FOR MR BIG (Quirky Films)
  • MERMAIDS IN MANHATTAN (Jersey Films / Universal)
  • THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL (Trilogy / Spelling Features)
  • DEAD SEXY (Pathe Films)
  • NORTH OF WATFORD (BskyB: Rewrite)
  • SINGLE GIRL'S DIARY (Granada Film)
  • THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO LITTLE (New Regency: Rewrite)
  • DR JEKYLL & MS HYDE (Savoy / Rastar)
  • THE GAMBLE (Showtime / BBC / Granada)
  • SIMON SAYS (Pathe)
  • ECHO (Paramount Pictures)
  • HAVANA HEAT (Tritec)
  • BEAST OF EDEN (Spitting Image Productions)
  • KEEPING MUM (TriStar)
  • HALF EMPTY, HALF FULL (TriStar; Rewrite)
  • ACCIDENTS WILL HAPPEN (Stonebridge; Rewrite)
  • MADISON AVENUE (Columbia)
  • TOTALLY LONDON (Hollywood Pictures; Rewrite)
  • MAD MAGAZINE (Warner Bros)
  • MR HEADMISTRESS (Walt Disney; Rewrite)
  • BIG G (HandMade Films)
  • TVP (HandMade Films)
  • REMOTE (Universal)

TV credits:

  • 2012 - DENNIS THE MENACE (Two 11” episodes in the series, Red Kite Animation)
  • THE VISITOR (2 x 1 hour TV drama: Alibi Films & BBC Wales)
  • THE MAGNIFICENT 7 (Trilogy / CBS TV)