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I have a strong list of commercial and upmarket genre authors and am particularly interested in crime and thrillers of all shapes and sizes. I love big high concept stuff, psychological/domestic suspense that truly breaks the mould, police procedural, action/espionage etc. Character & setting is as important as plot. I definitely do not like anything to do with art heists.

 I'm looking to take on some really good SF, both core genre, and more speculative/literary crossover.

I'd like to find some 'upmarket' fiction — a tall order, but think McCarthy, Atwood, Robinson. Complex ideas, simple sentences.

In terms of non-fiction, I love popular science. I'm an ardent cyclist & enjoy most sport (except cricket and F1), though am far more about the passion, pain and fury than reading about another 18 year old from the Home Counties finding themselves halfway up a mountain somewhere. Definitely not diet books, unless it's science based & interesting, and has a new angle. I'd also happily read your self-help book if it was saying something new and interesting. 

Am a big music person, so if you're Mick Jagger, send me your book.

Things you shouldn't send me (aside from the things mentioned above): Middle-grade | Children's Picture Books | YA fiction or non-fiction | short story collections (unless they come alongside a novel idea) | Film scripts



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