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My literary interests span fiction and non-fiction from the very commercial end, to more upmarket. I'm particularly interested in crime and thrillers of all shapes and sizes, though I think we've probably all seen enough psychological suspense for the time-being. I'm looking to take on some really good SFF, both core genre, and projects that are similar to Station 11 and The Girl With All the Gifts. I like my fantasy quite epic and despite a childhood obsession with Tolkien, would probably steer clear of elves, dragons & dwarfs. I do not like Urban Fantasy, or Steampunk. I just don't. Don't send me those things. I'd like to find some 'upmarket' fiction (FOURTH OF JULY CREEK/TRUE HISTORY OF THE KELLY GANG/A LITTLE LIFE) - a tall order, but think McCarthy, Atwood. Complex ideas, simple sentences.

In terms of non-fiction, I love popular science. I'm an ardent cyclist & enjoy most sport (except cricket and F1), though am far more about the passion, pain and fury (Pantani: Accidental Death of a Cyclist, Velominati) than David Byrne's Bicycle Diaries. Definitely not diet books, unless it's science based & interesting - am obsessed with food science also. I'd also happily read your self-help book if it was saying something new and interesting. Am a big music person, so if you're Mick Jagger, send me your book. A recent non-fiction favourite is Barbarian Days.

Things you shouldn't send me (aside from the things mentioned above: Middle-grade projects (under 12 y.o.) | Children's Picture Books | YA fiction or non-fiction | short story collections (unless they come alongside a novel idea) | Film scripts



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