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My literary interests are broad, and span both fiction and non-fiction from the very commercial end, to more upmarket fiction though I'm not exceptionally fond of books with a complete absence of plot. I'm particularly interested in crime, thrillers, and psychological suspense, and I'm definitely a fan of things that play around with genre-constraints (SHINING GIRLS, FEVER CITY). I'm looking to take on some really good Sci-Fi, both core genre, and projects that are similar to Station 11 or The Girl with All the Gifts. The same goes for Fantasy - I recently caught up with the Shattered Sea trilogy and loved it. I'd like to find some 'upmarket' fiction (FOURTH OF JULY CREEK is one of the best things I've read this year so far) - a tall order, but think Chabon, McCarthy, Auster, Atwood. Complex ideas, simple sentences.

In terms of non-fiction, I love popular economics & science. I'm an ardent cyclist & enjoy most sport (except cricket and F1), though am far more about the passion, pain and fury (Pantani: Accidental Death of a Cyclist, Velominati) than David Byrne's Bicycle Diaries. I like books filled with statistical analysis (Two Hours : The Quest to Run the Impossible Marathon) & love new fitness concepts (Chi Running), though definitely not diet books. If your book is about human adversity in extreme conditions, or is a humorous antidote to something, I'll probably like that as well.

Things you shouldn't send me: Middle-grade projects (under 12 y.o.) | Children's Picture Books | Please note I am no longer looking for YA fiction or YA non-fiction.



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