Agent: Tom Witcomb

Biography: Vincent Raison was born to a hard-working father and devout Catholic mother in the July of 1961. Growing up in the wilderness of Sidcup, Kent, he became a work-shy atheist discontent with the banality of anodyne suburbia, and on a whim married an American and shortly moved to Virginia.

However after years of experiencing more awful office-based drudgery, punctuated only by occasional freelance writing, Vincent returned to London and took the plunge into penning comedy and sport full-time. He proceeded to work for a variety of broadcasters online, including Channel 4, Sky and ITV, and in 2014 co-founded digital magazine and website Deserter.

Vincent is also the self-published author of online columns compilation LIES ON GIRLS, in addition to producing scripts CRAZY DRIVERS for Optomen Television in 2003 and BIG RON REMEMBERS for Flextech Television in 2002. His many other talents include performing as a journalist for Channel 4’s Space Cadets (Zeppotron, 2005), playing a mean round of crazy golf and finding himself the amused co-creator of Deserter IPA, launched in collaboration with brewer Late Knights to mark the anniversary of the website and currently sold in dozen of London pubs.

He hopes to have finished writing DESERTERISM: HOW TO SHIRK, REST & PLAY with Andrew Grumbridge in early 2016.

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