Zosia Crosse

 Agent: Tom Witcomb

Biography: Zosia grew up in a small town by the muddy sea, and is of Polish and English heritage. She worked in a café in the small town she grew up in whilst at University where she completed her PGCE. After three years of teaching, she joined the Creative Writing MA at Bath Spa University. She is a feminist and activist and is currently writing her second novel, WE ARE VOLCANOES.

Her first novel, A SEVERAL WORLD, is a keenly perceptive novel for anyone who has loved something or someone; it is about the significance of small objects, the giving and receiving of them, the losing and finding of them. Evocative, articulate and intricate, it is the story of a waitress, Ana, in her peculiar journey to understanding love and loss. Ana is led by chance to Therese and the world of her café. She longs to be part of it and to get to know the people who inhabit it. When tragedy befalls the café, Ana is faced not only with grief but the mysterious reappearance of a lost and precious object, returned to her by one of the regular customers, whose lives are equally touched by love and loss.