Pan Macmillan acquires memoir of coercive abuse by Helen Walmsley-Johnson, acclaimed Guardian commentator and author of The Invisible Woman

‘Not all abusive relationships can be measured in broken bones and bruises. Not all abusive relationships are visible to the untrained eye.’ - Helen Walmsley-Johnson

For more than a year, the unfolding story of Helen Titchener has gripped the residents of Ambridge and, via Radio 4’s long-running drama The Archers, the nation.  Now, found not guilty, freed from prison and with her children at last restored to her, Helen is free to get on with her life.   But her abusive husband Rob is still in Ambridge and the story is not yet over.

As the story developed, one listener shuddered as what was happening to the fictional Helen brought back painful memories of what she herself had gone through.  Not once, but twice.  When Helen Walmsley-Johnson published a remarkably frank piece about her experiences as a victim of abuse in the New Statesman, she received an overwhelming response.  Since then, Helen has been an active presence in the media as a commentator on coercive abuse.  In her as yet untitled memoir, Helen will describe with typically clear-sighted candour how very easy it is to succumb to this form of domestic abuse, but – more importantly – how to survive it and rebuild your life.

Non-Fiction Editorial Director Georgina Morley said, ‘I am thrilled to be publishing Helen.  We first met on Twitter, where her bracing tweetalong to the Archers omnibus has won her countless friends and fans.  Now, she tells her own story – and the story of so many women who have suffered from abusive partners.  Her book will find a wide readership and will, I have no doubt, help many women find the courage to tell their stories and to seek help.’

Helen Walmsley-Johnson said, ‘I hadn’t been able to give a name to my experiences until I read the Home Office list of typical behaviour in a coercive relationship; I read it because of Helen’s story in The Archers, and it rang a number of bells for me personally. I have to thank the women (and men) who got in touch after I wrote that first piece back in February, for starting me on the path to this book: I will endeavour to be as ‘bracing’ as my Twitter feed in seeing it through to completion under expert eye of George Morley and Pan Macmillan, and am delighted to be able to keep this important conversation going.’

Macmillan acquired UK & Commonwealth rights from Juliet Pickering at Blake Friedmann and will publish in early 2018.

For further information please contact Sarah Patel in the Pan Macmillan press office on 020 7014 6187 or email

About Pan Macmillan

Pan Macmillan is the UK general book publishing arm of the Macmillan Group, which operates in over 70 countries.  Its imprints include Macmillan, Mantle, Pan, Picador, Bluebird, Boxtree, Sidgwick & Jackson, Bello, Tor, Macmillan Children's Books, Campbell Books, Macmillan New Writing and Macmillan Digital Audio.

Paul Finch’s gripping thriller STRANGERS published today by Avon

Paul Finch’s five book HECK series has sold over 500,000 copies, with SACRIFICE the most pre-ordered book in HarperCollins history. STRANGERS is the gripping, gruesome first novel in Finch’s new Lucy Clayburn series, a heart-stopping thriller with a standout new heroine, published 22 September with Avon, and available in paperback, ebook and audiobook.

Unknown, alone, and fearing for your life. As PC Lucy Clayburn is about to find out, going undercover is the most dangerous work there is. But, on the trail of a prolific female serial killer, there's no other option – and these murders are as brutal as they come.

Lucy must step into the line of fire – a stranger in a criminal underworld that butchers anyone who crosses the line. And, unknown to Lucy, she's already treading it…

STRANGERS has been sold in the UK and Germany.

Praise for Paul Finch and STRANGERS

‘Wonderfully dark and peppered with grim humour. Finch is a born storyteller and writes with the authentic voice of the ex-copper he is.’ – Peter James

‘Lucy Clayburn is a brilliant new character and one that I know readers are going to love. STRANGERS delves into the darker side of some of the small towns surrounding Manchester and takes the reader on a fast-paced, terrifying journey. The story is wonderfully original and brilliantly written… a terrific book.’ – Rachel Abbott, author of ONLY THE INNOCENT

‘Consistently inventive. Consistently excellent. Paul Finch writes distinctive dialogue-driven horror that truly grips. Satisfying stories, tautly written with a real sense of authority.’ – Simon Clark, author of THE FALL and VAMPYRRHIC

‘Paul Finch is unique. He creates modern thriller and crime stories with supernatural overtones one minute, and sparkling traditional horror stories the next. One of the most exciting story writers in the business today.’ – Masters of Terror

About Paul Finch

A former cop and journalist, Paul was a writer for British TV crime drama, The Bill.  However, he is probably best known for his work in horror and thrillers. He has also written four Doctor Who audio dramas and his Doctor Who novel, HUNTER'S MOON, was published by Woodland Books in 2011.

Winner of British Fantasy Award 2002 & 2007, and the International Horror Guild Award 2007.

Visit Paul's blog here, or read more about Paul on the Blake Friedmann website. 

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Sally Andrew winner of Nielsen Booksellers’ Choice Award

The South African Booksellers Association honoured Sally Andrew as their 2016 winner of the Booksellers’ Choice Award for her delicious mystery novel RECIPES FOR LOVE AND MURDER, published by Umuzi.

The Association noted that it was an extraordinary year for the award, with around 150 nominations received and a high all-round quality. Two other Blake Friedmann authors were among the six shortlisted, 2012 winner of the award Deon Meyer and two-time nominee Zakes Mda. Sally was announced as this year’s winner on 30 August at a gala dinner in Cape Town.

Sally’s debut, which was published in the UK with Canongate in 2015, follows the heroine Tannie Maria, a loveable cookery columnist who suddenly finds a change of lifestyle on the menu. In an irresistible blend of recipes and page-turning intrigue, Tannie Maria, armed with her culinary wisdom, takes on her first investigation.

RECIPES FOR LOVE AND MURDER has been published around the world, in the UK, South Africa, the US, Canada, China, Australia, Estonia, France, Israel, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Turkey, Poland, Catalan, and Holland. It is the first of Sally’s TANNIE MARIA MYSTERY series, and was followed this year by the equally delectable THE SATANIC MECHANIC, another charming novel with a killer combination of mystery, romance and sumptuous recipes.


‘A bright new talent, her fiction debut is a flavourful blend of the #1 LADIES DETECTIVE AGENCY and the GOLDIE SCHULZseries, full of humour, romance and featuring a charming cast of characters.’ – Edinburgh Evening News

‘From South Africa, the debut novel that conquered the world. A book that perfectly mixes suspense and thriller with romance and fun.’ – Vero

‘Well written and evocative… an ideal gentle read with a frisson of excitement’ – Jennifer Crocker, Cape Times

‘RECIPES FOR LOVE & MURDER’ an intriguing mystery in an exotic locale is a work of enormous charm.’ - Tom Nolan, Wall Street Journal

Other accolades for Sally Andrew’s RECIPES FOR LOVE AND MURDER

A Kirkus Best Book of 2015

A Wall Street Journal Best Mystery Book 2015

The Bookseller Fiction Editor’s Choice 2015

A Good Housekeeping Book of the Month

Longlisted for Barry Ronge Sunday Times Fiction Prize 2016

Oprah’s Book Club ‘16 Books for 2016’

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AN EMPTY COAST by Tony Park published today

Bestselling author Tony Park’s new action-packed thriller AN EMPTY COAST is published today in paperback by Pan Macmillan UK (Australia and South Africa published in November 2015). Park once again proves himself a master of the African thriller with a page-turning read that keys into some of the contemporary issues facing the country, including the illegal poaching and sale of rhino horns.

AN EMPTY COAST sees the return of Sonja Kurtz – former soldier, supposedly retired mercenary, and heroine of THE DELTA – in Vietnam carrying out a personal revenge mission when her daughter sends a call for help. Emma, a student archaeologist on a dig at the edge of Namibia's Etosha National Park, has discovered a body in a flight suit dating back to the country's liberation war of the 1980s. The remains of the airman, identified as Hudson Brand, are a key piece of a puzzle that will reveal the location of a modern day buried treasure – a find people will kill for.

Sonja thought that assassinating gangster and rhino horn importer Tran Van Ngo would give her closure after the tragic death of her partner, Sam. But it’s left her in deeper despair. Illegally crossing the border into Namibia, she’s intent on finding her daughter, Emma at the dig-site. When news of the discovery of a body at Etosha breaks, the father of missing pilot, Gareth Allchurch, assumes the worst.

Joining forces with safari guide and private investigator Hudson Brand (who stars in THE HUNTER, and the man whose dog-tags are on the corpse), Allchurch uncovers far more than he could have anticipated. The body certainly isn’t Hudson’s, but it also isn’t Gareth’s, and so the two men make it their mission to find out what happened to the plane, its illegal cargo, and Allchurch’s son.

Tony’s novels, which include twelve bestsellers, have been sold in translation in seven countries. The latest, RED EARTH, will be published first in Australia and South Africa later this year.

Listen to Tony Park talk about AN EMPTY COAST here.


‘His novels have a life-like quality to them that comes from deep research and understanding of the places he writes about…he takes the readerright to the source of the story, and fleshes it out for them…I have great respect for Park’s style and ability to tell a good story and colour both inside and out the lines. A very worthwhile read.’—Jennifer Crocker, The Cape Times

‘Tony Park is one of the bestselling novelists in Australia… Tony weaves the everyday struggles, challenges and triumphs of this into a crime thriller that I for one couldn’t put down.’ – Janine Avery, Africa Geographic

Praise for Tony Park

‘Tony Park is one of Australia's best thriller writers and can always be relied upon to deliver an entertaining story.’ – Sunday Canberra Times

'He just gets better and better. His descriptions of the southern African bush and mountain jungles are so vivid you can just about feel the sun on your skin and smell the dust and animals.' – Frank Walker, Sun Herald

‘An author who is starting to challenge the veteran Wilbur Smith for the title of ‘master of the African thriller’...Break-neck in pace, with narrow escapes from death on every page.’ – Geoffrey Wansell, Daily Mail

About Tony Park

Tony Park grew up in Australia and fell in love with South Africa on a short trip in 1995: he and his wife now divide their time between two homes, one in Sydney and another in South Africa on the border of the Kruger National Park. Author of twelve bestselling thrillers, he has worked as a newspaper reporter in Australia and England, a government press secretary, a public relations consultant, and a freelance writer. He is also a major in the Australian Army Reserve and served six months in Afghanistan in 2002.

Read more about Tony on the Blake Friedmann website or Tony’s own website.

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GATE OF THE DEAD by David Gilman published in paperback tomorrow

GATE OF THE DEAD is the third heart-pounding instalment of David Gilman’s thrilling MASTER OF WAR series, historical fiction centred on the Hundred Years’ War. Published in paperback 8 September by Head of Zeus, GATE OF THE DEAD follows MASTER OF WAR and DEFIANT UNTIL DEATH in the gripping series the Daily Mail called ‘page-turning and gritty’.

GATE OF THE DEAD is sold in the UK, Germany and Brazil, and the MASTER OF WAR series across a total of six countries. The next in the series will be VIPER’S BLOOD, available in the UK in January 2017, and David is currently completing the fifth book. Alongside the MASTER OF WAR series, David’s superb standalone novel THE LAST HORSEMAN was released this August and has already received rave reviews, The Times writing: 'THE LAST HORSEMAN is gripping and full of action, but is also smart and subtle about questions of loyalty and guilt in a war with few good guys.'

Tuscany, 1358: Thomas Blackstone has built a formidable reputation in exile, fighting as a mercenary amid the ceaseless internecine warring of Italy's City States. But success has bred many enemies, and when a dying man delivers a message recalling him to England, it seems almost certain to be a trap. Yet Blackstone cannot disobey – the summons is at the Queen's demand.

On his journey, Blackstone will brave the terrors of the High Alps in winter, face the Black Prince in tournament, confront the bloody anarchy of a popular revolt and submit to trial by combat.

And every step of the way, he will be shadowed by a notorious assassin with orders to inflict the maximum pain on his target before he despatches him to hell.

Praise for David Gilman’s MASTER OF WAR series

‘A thrilling, fast-moving, engaging tale, with unexpected twists, beautiful prose, excellent characterisation and dialogue, human sentiment and motivation, and graphic descriptions of war… Historical fiction at its best’. – Historical Novel Society

‘If you only read one historical debut this year, make it this one.  The prose is sharper than a bodkin arrow, the pace faster than thought and to be honest it was a book that I just couldn’t put down without being left to wonder what was next for the lead hero… A title that not only launched over a thousand arrows but I’m sure will launch David Gilman to a ravenous reading public to sate their historical fiction action needs.  Great stuff.’ – Gareth Wilson, Falcata Times

‘Gilman's MASTER OF WAR stands up well against its heavyweight predecessors… The writing is taut and the story fast-paced… All lovers of this type of historical fiction will enjoy MASTER OF WAR and look forward to the next instalment’. – Greg Waite, Ontago Daily Times

About David Gilman

David Gilman has had many careers, including firefighter, soldier and photographer, before turning to writing full time. He is an award-winning author and screenwriter.

Find out more about David Gilman on Blake Friedmann’s website or David’s own website.

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