Peter James’ WANT YOU DEAD out in paperback today!

WANT YOU DEAD, Peter James’ 10th novel featuring detective Roy Grace, is out in paperback today.

The book was published in hardback in June and went straight to number two in the Bestsellers’ Chart, only narrowly missing out on the top spot, and remained in the top ten for seven weeks, breaking all sales records (in both hardback and ebooks)  in comparison to his previous titles.

In WANT YOU DEAD a relationship turns sour when Red discovers everything her lover told her about himself is untrue. Then he turns into a stalker, intent on destroying her.  WANT YOU DEAD features Peter’s most sinister villain yet.

Macmillan have recently reissued all nine previous Roy Grace novels with new covers. His short story collection, A TWIST OF THE KNIFE, is published in November and BILLIONAIRE, one of his first novels, will be republished in December, as part of the Vintage Peter James collection.  The first Vintage Peter James novel, DEAD LETTER DROP, published in January of this year, has sold over 100,000 copies.

Praise for WANT YOU DEAD:

‘With over 14 million book sales, there’s no arguing with James’ lethal talent but even by his stellar standards this terrifying, excruciatingly tense tale of twisted obsession is outstanding. This is the 10th book in the DS Roy Grace series and it might just be the best one yet.’ – The Daily Record

‘James rachets up the tension to an almost unbearable level in his 10th Roy Grace thriller, as Bryce’s game of cat-and-mouse works towards a terrifying conclusion.’ – Bella Magazine

Praise for Peter James:

'Peter James is one of the best crime writers in the business.' -- Karin Slaughter

'Exceptional, knock-your-socks-off.' -- Washington Post

‘Sinister and riveting…Peter James is one of the best British crime writers, and therefore one of the best in the world.’ -- Lee Child

Debut Australian Tour for Ivan Vladislavić

Photo copyright Philip Schedler

Photo copyright Philip Schedler

Ivan Vladislavić, acclaimed author of PORTRAIT WITH KEYS, THE RESTLESS SUPERMARKET and DOUBLE NEGATIVE, among other titles, is on his first visit to Australia.  Vladislavić is visiting Melbourne and Hobart as a guest of the Thesis Eleven Centre at van Vladislavic, IILa Trobe University and will be appearing at the following events:


Wednesday, 22 October, 12pm - ‘Seeing South Africa’ at the Visual Arts Centre in Bendigo 

Vladislavić has often worked with artists and especially with photographers. Here he will discuss the value of working in response – or resistance – to visual images. Click here for more information.


Thursday, 23 October, 6:30pm – In conversation with Peter Beilharz, at Reader’s Feast Bookstore, Melbourne (AU$6)

Ivan will read and talk with Peter Beilharz, Director of La Trobe University’s Thesis Eleven Centre, focussing on the flaneur’s fragments and his book PORTRAIT WITH KEYS. Click here for more information.


Monday, 27 October, 12pm – In conversation with Peter Beilharz, at the University of Tasmania, Sandy Bay Campus

Ivan will once again be joined by La Trobe University sociologist Peter Beilharz to discuss his work. Click here for more information.


More from Ivan Vladislavić:

In conversation with Geoff Dyer recently. Read ‘Beyond the Boroughs of Genre,’ here.

Read Jan Steyn’s interview with Ivan Vladislavic in The White Review.

Read Neel Mukherjee’s review of THE RESTLESS SUPERMARKET.


Praise for Ivan Vladislavić:

‘Ivan Vladislavić is the most significant writer in South Africa today.’ – Focus on Africa

‘One of the most imaginative minds at work in South African literature today.’ –  André Brink

‘Vladislavić’s sly prose forces us to recognize our own obsessions with language and class.’ – Publishers Weekly

David Gilman’s MONKEY & ME nominated for the CILIP Carnegie Medal

David Gilman’s MONKEY & ME (published by Templar in the UK and Penguin in Australia) has been nominated for the CILIP Carnegie Medal, awarded annually to the writer of an outstanding book for children. The selection process for the Carnegie Medal is organised by the Youth Libraries Group (YLG). 12 children's librarians - members of the YLG - form the panel of judges. The judges will read and assess each title, and a longlist for the Medal will be announced on Tuesday 10 February 2015, followed by a shortlist on Tuesday 17 March 2015. The winning titles will be announced at an awards ceremony in Summer 2015, date to be confirmed.

MONKEY & ME has also been nominated for the Fantastic Book Awards 2014, voted for by thousands of schoolchildren in Lancashire.

Ten-year-old ‘Beanie’ is always getting into scrapes, and his older brother Mark keeps getting a black eye from standing up to belligerent kids who pick on his younger brother. Their dad has given up his job as a truck driver to work as a postman, to be closer to home, and we know that things are not quite right with the family. But there’s a world outside filled with excitement and intrigue as Beanie makes a bid to join his brother’s gang, and they brave the scary deserted house The Black Gate, where some creature is making frightening noises…only to come upon, of all things, a chimpanzee. How exactly he got there is a mystery to be solved as Beanie bonds with the ape he names Malcolm, discovering that he seems to know some basic sign language. Has he escaped from an animal experiment laboratory? Who are the men pursuing him? And can the boys rescue Malcolm from what could be a harsh fate, with the help, perhaps of a deaf girl…

David Gilman is an award winning screenwriter, who has written for long running series like DALZIEL AND PASCOE and A TOUCH OF FROST. He is currently writing the MASTER OF WAR historical adventure series for adults.


Praise for MONKEY & ME

‘I haven't read anything like this book before... I liked this sad, humorous, emotional book and I rate it 9¾ out of 10.’ – Child book reviewer, Children’s Books site, The Guardian

‘We desperately need writing of this quality for this younger age group... Some very serious, thought-provoking issues are tackled with a very skilful, light and humorous touch making this is a book to appeal to many different audiences and be read on many different levels.’ – Schoolzone

‘MONKEY & ME is a fantastic read that will have both boys and girls totally engrossed.’ – Booksforkeeps


Visit David’s website

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DISCOVERING SCARFOLK published in the UK by Ebury today

Do you remember the 1970s with a warm glow of nostalgia? Really? What’s wrong with you? Richard Littler’s utterly hilarious DISCOVERING SCARFOLK has escaped the time warp and is published today by Ebury in the UK.

Scarfolk is a town in North-West England that never progressed past 1979. DISCOVERING SCARFOLK is based on the astonishingly popular blog by Richard Littler – aka the Mayor of Scarfolk. With over a million views and great critical praise, the Scarfolk blog shot to prominence last year. The town has a similar tone to Royston Vasey in THE LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN, and has also been compared Lake Woebegon and Twin Peaks.

DISCOVERING SCARFOLK follows Dr. Ben Motte, who has discovered an archive of material compiled by Daniel Bush, a man looking for his young, blond, twin sons, who disappeared in Scarfolk in 1970. Daniel embarks on his mission to find his purported offspring, finding reams of Scarfolk council notices, pamphlets and publications, revealing more and more about the town. As he uncovers this material, so he grows to become increasingly suspicious of the Mayor and his constituents… And who is the mysterious shaggy beast who leaves a trail of paperclips behind at the scenes of various crimes? Has something gone awry in the already very wonky town of Scarfolk?

Richard Littler was born in Manchester and has lived in America, Russia, Germany and Ireland. A screenwriter with a decade of experience, he has sold several screenplays and treatments; a new feature project is currently in development in China.


Watch a trailer for the book below.

Praise for the Scarfolk blog:

“Brilliantly warped!” – The Independent

“Scarfolk is a triumph of psychogeography and pretty much what the internet was invented for, as far as I’m concerned.” –

"[The posts are] very funny, very clever and also they scare me a bit” – Warren Ellis

"Scarfolk: One visit is not enough" – Ian Rankin