Books Department

Owing to the enormous and increasing volume of submissions that we receive daily and the administration involved, we cannot guarantee a reply. If you do not receive a response 8 weeks from the date of your submission, it can generally be assumed that we are not interested in taking matters further. We can take no responsibility for material submitted to us that may be lost or damaged. 

We do not insist on exclusive submissions, but do let us know if another agency expresses serious interest in your work and we will give your submission consideration as soon as possible. Please note that we are not able to give editorial feedback or detailed reasons as to why a project is not suitable for the agency; there are editorial consultancies you can approach to help you on this front.

For a list of our agents and their tastes, please take a look at their individual agent pages. Please use this information wisely, in order to submit to the most appropriate agent. Once you have selected the agent you wish to receive your work - and please choose just one - that agent will consider your submission, and will pass it to a colleague if they feel it more suited to another agent in-house.

Please note:
Julian Friedmann no longer accepts book submissions. 

Due to maternity leave, Juliet Pickering is no longer accepting submissions. Please send your work to a colleague instead. 

Please include your name and the title of your manuscript in the email subject line, and in both the titles and headings of all attachments (i.e. your synopsis and chapters).

You can email us by clicking on the following:

Isobel (isobel[at]blakefriedmann[dot]co[dot]uk)
Kate (kate[at]blakefriedmann[dot]co[dot]uk)
Tom (tom[at]blakefriedmann[dot]co[dot]uk)
Samuel (samuel[at]blakefriedmann[dot]co[dot]uk)
NB: Please only submit to one of us at a time. We are unable to consider submissions sent to multiple agents at Blake Friedmann.
Your submission should consist of three parts: the covering letter (please make this the body of your email), a full synopsis of approx. 500 words, and your first three chapters/10,000 words. With regard to non-fiction, please include your proposal in place of the first three chapters (see details below).

What to include in your covering letter:
Where appropriate you should mention any previous publications or writing experience. If you have experience that relates directly to the subject of the book this should be mentioned succinctly. If you have been referred to Blake Friedmann by a trade or personal contact please make this clear in your letter. If you have had previous correspondence with one of our agents, please include details with your submission.

Whilst your experience as a writer is useful to know, the cover letter should primarily be introducing us to your book.
What to include in your synopsis:
This must be included or we will not be able to consider the submission.  The synopsis, of ideally no more than 500 words, should detail the core narrative of your book, including the theme/s, setting, characters and plot - from the first to final chapter, ending with the resolution of the story. It should not merely be a cover-style 'teaser'. 
What to include in your sample material:
For fiction: the first three chapters of the work only. Do not include random chapters, or the full manuscript. We will ask to see the rest of the work if the initial material impresses our agents. The file must be named with the title of your work, and your name, and please include a cover page with the title of the book and your contact details.

For non-fiction: A proposal consisting of a detailed synopsis of up to 500 words, chapter plan, and two sample chapters (usually including an introduction or opening chapter). Please include a cover page with the title of the book and your contact details.

Submissions should be in .doc or .docx format (not PDF) and should have wide margins and at least 1.5 line spacing, with all pages clearly numbered. If you are using a pseudonym, make sure that your real name and your pseudonym are both on the manuscript, as well as on your letter. 

Media Department

The Media Department are currently only accepting submissions from writers who have an established track record in film, television, stage or radio, particularly in the form of produced credits. Please do not submit if you do not meet these requirements - we will be unable to consider you for representation.

We will only consider established directors.

We rarely accept scripts relating to science fiction or fantasy unless submitted by writers with substantial credits. We do not represent ideas for game shows, reality or entertainment television formats. We only represent the film rights in books by our existing clients.

If you would like to be considered for representation please write to We prefer submissions by email, 'though you can also send them by post, clearly marked as a film submission and with a stamped addressed envelope sufficient for return. We can take no responsibility for material submitted to us that may be lost or damaged. 

Your submission should include:

a)    a covering letter,
b)    your writing CV,
c)    one sample script of a complete feature-length film, or TV episode,
d)    a short synopsis or description of that script.

Printed screenplays should be bound simply, with your name and contact details on the front. Emailed screenplays should be a PDF, Word or Rich Text attachment. All the agents work together closely and share information, so please only submit your work to one of us at a time.

Please note that the department is very small and we are extremely limited as to the number of new clients we can take on. We receive a large number of submissions so it may take 12 weeks or more before we are able to review your material.  We do not have the time or resources to acknowledge receipt of every submission, please do not chase for a response until 8-10 weeks have elapsed from the date of your submission.

Due to the volume of submissions we are unable to write individual letters, nor can we offer feedback or editorial comment. Although we do our best to respond to every submission, we cannot guarantee a reply.