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Kate was born in Dublin but grew up in Brussels. She joined Blake Friedmann as Senior Agent in January, 2019, and was previously at Northbank Talent Management where she worked with many award-winning and Sunday Times bestselling authors, among them Will Dean, Dani Atkins, Fiona Ford, Rebecca Tinnelly and Jo Bell.  

Before becoming an agent, Kate was an editor at Headline and HarperCollins, and an editorial director at Penguin Random House. After ten years of publishing fiction, she moved to the agency side to pursue her love of discovering new writers. She still loves to edit and works very closely with her clients on all aspects of their writing and publishing.

Kate is actively taking on new clients and is looking for all genres of adult fiction excluding science fiction and fantasy. She has a particular love of women’s fiction (big, sweeping love stories; family dramas; issue-based emotional wringers, high-concept romances, and everything in between), contemporary and historical crime fiction of all kinds (serial killer or domestic thrillers, detective-led mysteries, psychological suspense – basically anything dark and/or violent with a mystery at its heart) and more general historical fiction (WWI and WWII sagas, book club and literary fiction, set in any era post-1800 and anywhere in the world) but is happy to also consider genre-blending fiction and speculative literary fiction.

Kate regularly appears a literary events and conferences, enjoys giving talks and seminars about any and all aspects of publishing

Clients: Dani Atkins, Jo Bell, Andy Briggs, Will Carver, SB Caves, Estate of Teresa Crane, Will Dean, Paul Finch, Fiona Ford, Olivia Isaac-Henry, John Kennedy, Beryl Matthews, Caroline Khoury, Lia Middleton, Allie Reynolds, Daisy Styles, Kate Thompson, Rebecca Tinnelly, Mary Torjussen, Abby Williams

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