We receive many requests for permission to quote from our authors' work, and it would greatly speed things up if you could send all the following information to James Sykes, who will respond to your request james.sykes[at]blakefriedmann.co.uk

  1. Details about the publication you intend to include the work in: who is the publisher, what is the title, and if it's an anthology, who else has agreed to be part of it?

  2. Exact extract with page and line references (and the edition you are referring to), author name and title of the book you are planning to take an extract from.

  3. When do you plan to publish the text?

  4. In which territory to you propose to publish the text?

  5. What is your proposed print run?

  6. Who will be able to buy the publication? I.e.: is it for educational purposes, charitable, an anthology for an event…?

  7. What is your proposed fee?

  8. Do you plan to have an audio and/or electronic version of the final publication? If so, please provide details of this.