John Trenhaile

Agent: Isobel Dixon

After a successful career as a Chancery barrister (specialising in death and its tiresome financial consequences) John Trenhaile published twelve novels on both sides of the Atlantic. They were translated into twenty languages. One of them – THE MAN CALLED KYRIL – was made into a film for TV. All his books will shortly be repackaged and republished by Hodder.

At the start of his literary career he explored the KGB from the inside before going on to do the same for the Chinese Secret Service in a second trilogy. From there he branched out to explore the grim worlds of terrorism, traitors and serial killers.

After leaving the bar in order to write John travelled extensively, working for the Taiwanese government as editor and journalist, until he retired in 2001. Thereafter he divided his time between England and Sabah in East Malaysia, until in 2012 he moved to the poorest part of rural north-east Thailand where he became a Buddhist, learned how to speak and read Thai (‘good enough to get into trouble, not good enough to get out’), taught at a local school and for the first time in his life observed deprivation up close and personal.

He is currently working on a non-fiction account of his experiences in Thailand structured around the teasing interactions between Buddhism’s sublime goal of Nirvana and the gritty realities that have to be surmounted on the way.

He and his wife live in Sussex.