Agent: Juliet Pickering

(Please note that Bolu is represented for screenwriting by Jessica Stewart of Independent Talent.)

Biography: Bolu Babalola used to tear out pages of books and eat them as a toddler. Her father claims that that is when he knew she was a writer - she found words delicious; her mother says this is when she knew Bolu had a penchant for junk food… Either way, Bolu knew she loved writing when she wrote her first story at 9 years-old. She began to entertain the idea that people might want to read her writing when she started typing up stories in Comic Sans in secondary school: she gave the stories to friends and they got passed around the class during lessons, provoking requests for weekly instalments. 

After completing a law degree - which confirmed to Bolu that she needed a life that allowed her to be creative, and also to wear jeans to work - Bolu found herself working in television comedy at the BBC. She started as a writer’s assistant on two sketch shows before going on to be an Assistant Producer. As much as she enjoyed this role, she wanted to push herself further - to tell her own stories and to work in sweatpants. After being shortlisted for 4th Estate’s B4ME competition for her short story Netflix & Chill, Bolu decided to pursue her writing longer term.  She is currently writing her first novel whilst studying a Masters in American Politics & History at UCL (just to give her a reason to not wear sweatpants all the time). 

She can be found tweeting far too much at @Beebabs