Agent: Juliet Pickering
Juliet Pickering is currently on maternity leave. In her absence, please direct all queries to Kate Burke.

(Please note that Bolu is represented for screenwriting by Jessica Stewart of Independent Talent.)

Biography: Bolu Babalola used to tear out pages of books and eat them as a toddler. Her father claims that that is when he knew she was a writer - she found words delicious; her mother says this is when she knew Bolu had a penchant for junk food… Either way, Bolu knew she loved writing when she wrote her first story at 9 years-old. She began to entertain the idea that people might want to read her writing when she started typing up stories in Comic Sans in secondary school: she gave the stories to friends and they got passed around the class during lessons, provoking requests for weekly instalments. 

After completing a law degree - which confirmed to Bolu that she needed a life that allowed her to be creative, and also to wear jeans to work - Bolu found herself working in television comedy at the BBC. She started as a writer’s assistant on two sketch shows before going on to be an Assistant Producer. As much as she enjoyed this role, she wanted to push herself further - to tell her own stories and to work in sweatpants. After being shortlisted for 4th Estate’s B4ME competition for her short story Netflix & Chill, Bolu decided to pursue her writing longer term.  She is currently writing her first novel whilst studying a Masters in American Politics & History at UCL (just to give her a reason to not wear sweatpants all the time). 

She can be found tweeting far too much at @Beebabs