David Sherwin

Agent:  Conrad Williams

Biography: David wrote the British cinema classic and Palme D'Or-winning IF..., and O LUCKY MAN and BRITANNIA HOSPITAL, all directed by Lindsay Anderson and starring Malcolm McDowell. His film work has veered from surreal comedy to classic adaptations and drama. His classic memoir GOING MAD IN HOLLYWOOD was published in 1997 by Penguin.

"Witty, shrewd, and unflinchingly honest, the book is the best script that David Sherwin has yet produced" -- J.G.Ballard, The Sunday Times  

David is married with one daughter, Skye, and one son, Luke. 

Recent commissions:

  • SLAVES OF SOLITUDE (A feature film adaptation of the novel by Patrick Hamilton, commissioned by Sue Collins and John Irvin)
  • GOING MAD IN HOLLYWOOD (David's memoir published by Penguin, optioned to Revolution Films. David adapts for Michael Winterbottom to direct)
  • THE GARDEN GNOMES ARE BLEEDING (Original feature film screenplay, optioned to Paul Cowan)
  • THE LADY OF THE CAMELIAS (A Screenplay adaptation of Zola's NANA and Dumas' THE LADY WITH THE CAMELIAS)
  • O LUCKY MAN (A musical. Commissioned by Alan Price)
  • A LIFE'S MUSIC (Adaptation of the novel by André Makine for Little Wing Films)

Film credits and other commissions:

  • IF... (Starring Malcolm Mcdowell, directed by Lindsay Anderson. Won Palme D'Or at Cannes and Best Original Screenplay from The Writers' Guild. Re-released nationwide in the UK in 2002, IF... was developed for Lindsay Anderson from David's original screenplay CRUSADERS, written aged 18 and based on his experience of boarding school)
  • O LUCKY MAN! (Original screenplay for Lindsay Anderson. With Malcolm McDowell, Sir Ralph Richardson, Arthur Lowe and Rachel Roberts. O LUCKY MAN! chosen to represent Warner Brothers at Cannes for their 50th Anniversary. Awarded Best Original Screenplay by Films and Filming)
  • BRITANNIA HOSPITAL (Original screenplay for Lindsay Anderson. With Mark Hamill, Malcolm McDowell, Joan Plowright, Graham Crowden, Leonard Rossiter and Arthur Lowe. Represented  Britain at the Cannes Film Festival)
  • WET GOLD (Original screenplay for Frank Konigsberg featuring Brook Shields and Burgess Meredith)
  • SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY (Screenplay for producer Joe Janni and director John Schlesinger, With Peter Finch and Glenda Jackson)
  • VENOM (Screenplay for Marty Bregman with Oliver Reed)
  • MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM (Screenplay for Rudolf Nureyev)
  • ROBIN HOOD (Screenplay for Jon Voigt)
  • THE KING OF DANCE (Screenplay for Michael Flatley, star and originator of LORD OF THE DANCE and RIVERDANCE)
  • SOMEBODY LOVES ME (Original screenplay for Argos Films of Budapest)
  • CAMILLE (For Alberto Grimaldi and Franco Zeffirelli)