Greg Latter

Agent:  Julian Friedmann

Biography: Greg is an award-winning South African writer and director who has worked all over the world. He is the recipient of the Thomas Pringle Award for Creative Writing (1982), the Sithengi Best Screenplay Award (2005), the SAFTA Best Screenplay Award (2007) and the Naledi Best Play Award (2011). In a career spanning 35 years, he has had 22 feature films, 11 television series and 5 plays produced.

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In Development

LAUGHTER IN THE DARK (Adaptation of Vladimir Nabokov's classic novel for Intuit Pictures. Producer: Sandor Soth. Director: Bille August)

CHAMPAGNE SPY (Adaptation for Collina Films, Germany. Director: Bille August)

MY DUMB BROTHER (Original screenplay. Producer: Intuit Pictures. Producer: Sandor Soth.)

A JUST DEFIANCE (Adaptation of the book by Peter Harris. Lailaps Pictures, Munich. Producer: Nils Dunker. Director: Bille August)

Recent feature films produced:

2015: THE CHINESE WIDOW - Writer of original screenplay produced by Zhejiang Roc Pictures, starring Emile Hirsch and Liu Yifei, directed by Bille August (Oscar winner and twice winner of the Palm d'Or). The Chinese Widow was filmed on location in Zhejiang, China, and in Los Angeles. Budget: $10mil.

2014: MILLION DOLLAR WAVE - Commissioned to rewrite an existing script by Red Bull Media House, Austria. Producer: Philipp Manderla. Due for production 2017. Budget: $8mil.

2014: LAST KABBALIST OF LISBON - Commissioned to write the screenplay adaptation of the book by the same name. Producers: Dieter Stempnierwsky and Ana Costa. Production company: Cinemate, Lisbon. Due for production in 2016. Budget: $10mil.

2013: LET ME SURVIVE - Co-writer, adapted from the book of the same name. Produced by Banana Films. Directed by Eduardo Rossof. Starring Kierston Wareing and raig Fairbass. LET ME SURVIVE was filmed on location in Spain and Brussels. Budget: $3mil.

2012: NIGHT TRAIN TO LISBON - Screenplay adaptation of the novel by Pascal Mercier. Starring Jeremy Irons, Melanie Laurent and Jack Huston. Produced by Peter Reichenbach. Directed by Bille August. NIGHT TRAIN  was filmed on location in Switzerland and Portugal. Budget: $8mil. 

2010: BLACK BUTTERFLIES - Writer of original screenplay based on the life of poet Ingrid Jonker, co-produced by Comet Film, Spier Productions and Bavaria Film. Starring Carice Van Houten, Liam Cunningham  and Rutger Hauer. Directed by Paula van der Oest. Winner of Best Actress Award at Tribeca Film Festival, Best Film at Golden Film Awards, Netherlands, and at the SAFTA Awards, South Africa. BLACK BUTTERFLIES was filmed on location in South Africa.

2008: END OF THE ROAD - Director/Writer, produced by Film Afrika for M-Net. Starring Paddy Lister and Jennifer Steyn. This made-for-TV comedy film was screened thirteen times on M-Net in 2008.

2007: GOODBYE BAFANA - Screenplay adaptation of the book by the same name. Produced by Jean Luc van Damme and David Wicht. Starring Joe Fiennes, Dennis Haysbert and Diane Kruger. Directed by Bille August. GOODBYE BAFANA was filmed in South Africa. Winner of Best Screenplay at the SAFTA Awards, winner of the Berlin Peace Film Award at the Berlin International Film Festival, and the Capri Award in Hollywood. The film was released in the USA undwer the title THE COLOR OF FREEDOM

2005: MAX AND MONA - Co-writer. Produced by DV8. Starring Mpho Lovina and Jerry Mofokeng. Producer: Tendeka Matatu. Directed by Teddy Matera. Winner Best Writer Award at Sithengi

2004: FORGIVENESS - Writer of original screenplay. Produced by Cindy Gabriel. Starring Arnold Vosloo, Zane Meas, Denise Newman and Quanita Adams. Directed by Ian Gabriel. Winner of the Youth Jury Award and the Human Rights Award at the Locarno International Film Festival, Switzerland. 

2001: MR. BONES - Co-writer. Produced by Videovision. Starring Leon Schuster. Producers: Anant Singh and Helena Spring. Directed by Gray Hofmeyer, produced by Anant Singh. Highest grossing local feature film in South Africa

Recent TV produced:

2010: SOUL CITY - Head Writer. 13 part TV series starring Vusi Kunene. Producer: Kgomotso Matsunyane. Director: Akim Omotso. Broadcaster: SABC 1

END OF THE ROAD (Director/writer. One-hour TV film produced by Film Afrika. Starring Jennifer Steyn and Patrick Lyster. Producers: Meryl Schutte and Gareth Hughes. Broadcaster: M-Net)

Recent theatre:

2011: DEATH OF A COLONIALIST - Writer. Produced by The Market Theatre. Starring Jamie Barlett and Shirley Johnston. Director: Craig Friemond. Played from 26 March through to 2 May 2010. Winner Best Play at Naledi Theatre Awards 2011