Photo copyright: Dan Evans

Photo copyright: Dan Evans

Gregory Evans

Agent: Conrad Williams

 Biography: Since his first play was shown on BBC 2 in 1990, Gregory Evans has had over forty television drama scripts produced. He's also written a similar number of radio dramas: original plays, series and serials, as well as dramatisations based on novels and stories by (among others) Joseph Roth, Edgar Allan Poe, Graham Greene, Thomas Hardy, John Cheever, Stephen King, Martin Amis and H. E. Bates. His dramatisation of Greene's THE QUIET AMERICAN was shortlisted for a Sony Award. He has adapted Bates's FAIR STOOD THE WIND FOR FRANCE for the Royal Theatre, Northampton.

He's written a bestselling children's book, as well as short stories, features and book and film reviews for The Observer, the Guardian, Harper's & Queen, Woman's Journal and various little magazines.

Gregory is a career-long member of the Writers' Guild of Great Britain and has served on its Executive Council, and a member of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

He has recently finished a spec television pilot set in the world of early 1960s pop music (Lucille); and a stage play (Billy & Tony).




Past work includes:

  • SHIRLEYMANDER (stage play); The Playground Theatre, West London; May 22nd to June 16th 2018.

  • Spring 2018: THE EXTRAORDINARY LIFE AND DEATH OF CAPTAIN NEMO (based on Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Mysterious Island), 2 x 60' episodes, Classic Serial, BBC Radio 4.

  • BLOOD AND MILK series 4, original drama, 10 x 15' episodes, BBC Radio 4, September 2017

  • BLOOD AND MILK series 3, original 10 x 15' drama series, BBC Radio 4, August 2016.

  • LEAVING, 45', an original drama about Brexit, BBC Radio 4, October 2016.


  • THE BILL (27 episodes, Thames for ITV. 1992-2010)

  • CASUALTY (13 episodes, BBC. 2002-2013)

  • BUGS (2 episodes, Carnival Films/BBC)

  • MURDER IN MIND (1 episode ("Stalker"), BBC)

  • SEVEN WONDERS OF THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD (1 episode ("The Sewer King") of docu-drama for BBC History)

  • DEBUT ON TWO (1 episode ("The Window of Vulnerability", BBC 2, 1990)

More than 35 dramas for BBC Radio 4, including:

  • THE RADETZKY MARCH (2013. Classic Serial based on the novel by Joseph Roth; BBC Radio 4)

  • ART & GADG (2013. A radio play about Arthur Miller and Elia Kazan for BBC Radio 4)

  • SHIRLEYMANDER (60' Friday Play)

  • GHOSTING (original 30' drama)

  • THE POLISH SOLDIER (original 45' drama)

  • THE GOLD BUG (60' drama, freely adapted from Poe's short story)

  • SECRET WINDOW, SECRET GARDEN (3 x 30' serial based on the Stephen King's novella)

  • PET SEMATARY (6 x 30' serial based on Stephen King's novel)


  • WIDOWS (90' dramatisation of novel by Ariel Dorfman)

  • THE QUIET AMERICAN (3 x 60' serial based on Graham Greene's novel; short-listed for a Sony Award)

Feature film (in development):

  • JULES VERNE (screenplay for an action adventure movie concerning the fictitious adventures of the great French novelist; for Amber Entertainment)