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Lucy Hay

Agent: Julian Friedmann

Biography and credits: Lucy V. Hay is a novelist, script editor, screenwriter and blogger who helps writers via her www.bang2write.com consultancy.

A trained teacher, Lucy is The Educational Director of The London Screenwriters' Festival, helping set up the event in 2010. She is Head Reader for its many screenwriting competitions and initiatives.

Lucy is currently working on a slate of genre films for Silver Leaf Pictures with writer/director JK Amalou.

Lucy's previous script editing credits include dark Brit Thriller DEVIATION, which stars King of the Indies Danny Dyer and Hellboy 2's Anna Walton; also Triad Gangster Thriller ACT OF GRACE, starring Leo Gregory and Jody Latham (SHAMELESS). In addition, Lucy has worked for the likes of Premiere Picture; Scottish Screen; Mead Kerr; White Tiger Films; Brand New Films; Ace Films; Initialize Films and London Metropolitan University's Metlab initiative, as well as literary agents; individual producers, directors and writers, new to professional.

See Lucy's book page here.