Marteinn Thorisson

Agent:  Conrad Williams

Biography: Marteinn was born in Iceland of German/Icelandic parents, educated in the US and has lived in Galway, Ireland, for several years. His TV drama credits include 4x 90” episodes in the first series of the Irish crime series ‘Jack Taylor’ starring Iain Glen, (from the novels of Ken Bruen), and three episodes in the second series produced in January 2016, directed by Stuart Orme.  His feature film credits include the award-winning animation feature ‘Niko and the Way to the Stars’, and the sequel ‘Little Brother, Big Trouble’, and ‘Two by Two’ released in 2015, and the live action feature ‘Summer of the Flying Saucer’. He has twenty years’ experience as an animation writer and head-writer for such companies such as Disney, BBC, Xilam, TeleImages, France 2, 3 and 5, WDR, ndF, NDR, ZDF, Pro 7 and Southern Star, Australia.

His current assignments include a feature film adaptation of the thriller OPERATION NAPOLEON for Splendid Films. He has an MFA in screenwriting from the University of Southern California.


Commissions and produced work:

  • OUR FATHER (2018 90” TV adaptation of the second Inspector Beeslar novel by Karin Brynard for Three Rivers Studio/Mnet)
  • SILENT WITNESS (2018 A 2 hour episode in the series for BBC Studios. Exec producer Richard Stokes)
  • CORLEONE (2018 First ep original 6 x60” international TV thriller serial for Sandro Lorino Consulting Gmbh)
  • WEEPING WATERS (2017/18 90” TV adaptation of the South African-set crime novel by Karin Brynard for Three Rivers Studios/DRG)
  • JACK TAYLOR 3 (2017/18 One episode for the third season of Jack Taylor, the Irish crime series starring Iain Glen, production August 2018.. Telegael/Content/ZDFInternational)
  • THE ICE HOUSE (2017 Treatment for a 6 x 1 hour adaptation of the novel by John Connor for The Producers)
  • SISTER FIDELMA (2016 1 x 90” TV adaptation of the first novel in the series by Peter Tremayne for Keo/Content)
  • JACK TAYLOR 2 (2016 3 episodes of the second season of the Irish crime series starring Iain Glen. Telegael/Content/ZDF International)
  • WO BY TWO (2015 Animation feature. Co-writer. Directed by Toby Genkel and Sean McCormack. Distributed by eOne Entertainment worldwide)
  • OPERATION NAPOLEON (2015 Script commission for a feature film based on the novel by Arnaldur Idridason. Splendid Productions, Cologne)
  • JACK TAYLOR (2014 Episodes 1 and 2 for the second series. Molten Lava productions / ZDF International)
  • JACK TAYLOR (2013. Ep 6 in the series for Molten Lava Productions / Five / ZDF International)
  • NIKO (2012. Head writer for 22' animated series based on Marteinn's award-winning animation feature NIKO AND THE WAY TO THE STARS and sequel. Animaker Oy)
  • THE AGENCY (2012. Pilot script for a 6 x 90" TV series about the Mossad commissioned by Bavaria Films for international co-production)
  • JACK TAYLOR (2012. 90" script 'Magdden Martyrs' in the series starring Iain Glenn, director Stuart Orme. ZDF/Channel 5)
  • JACK TAYLOR (2011. 2 X 90" scripts in the crime series for ZDF/Channel 5, starring Iain Glenn, produced by Magma, devised by Marteinn Thorisson based on the novels of Ken Bruen. Director Stuart Orme)
  • NIKO 2 (2010. CGI feature film screenplay sequel to NIKO AND THE WAY TO THE STARS for Animaker Oy etc)
  • GROOVE HIGH (2010. With Armin Prediger. 22' episode for Telgael, Ireland, and Planet Nemo, France)
  • ECO COPS (2010. Original series for Magma Productions/RTL, Ireland)
  • THE SEVENTH DWARF (2009. With Armin Prediger. CGI feature film screenplay for Zipfelmutzenfilm, Hamburg, Germany. In development)
  • SCHOOL FOR LITTLE VAMPIRES (SEASON 4) (2009. Writer, 3 episodes. Animation comedy series of 26 x 11'. Co-production Hahn Film, Germany, RBB 5, Germany, Cartoon One, Italy)
  • SNAEFELLS SAGA (2009. Writer, Co-creator. 6 Part, Live Action Drama Series. RUV, Icelandic State Television. In development)
  • YOKO, MO & ME(2008. With Armin Prediger. Bible, Development, 2-Part Pilot Script. Mixed animation/live action series of 26 x 26'. Hahn Film, Germany)
  • SCHOOL FOR LITTLE VAMPIRES (SEASON 3) (2008. Writer, 6 episodes. Animation comedy series of 26 x 11' (seasons 3 & 4). Co-production Hahn Film, Germany, RBB 5, Germany, Cartoon One, Italy)
  • OOPS, NOAH IS GONE! (2008. CGI feature film screenplay. Comedy. Magma Films, Ireland and Ulysses Films, Germany. Supported by the Irish Film Board, Hamburg Film Fund and MEDIA. In development)
  • ECO COPS (2008. Development, series bible and storylines. Live action crime drama. Magma Films, Ireland. Supported by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), SWR/ARD, Germany and the DG for Science Research, France. In development)
  • SIMSALAGRIMM (SERIES 2) (2007. Writer, 5 episodes. Animation series of 26 x 24' based on the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales. Co-production Magma Films, Ireland, NDR, Germany, France 5, Millimages, France, Greenlight, Germany)
  • A KIND OF MAGIC (2007. Writer, 1 episode. Animation comedy series of 26 x 24'. Xilam, France)
  • MIKISOQ (2007. CGI feature film screenplay. Comedy/adventure. A-Film, Denmark. In development)
  • NIKO AND THE WAY TO THE STARS (2006. CGI feature film screenplay. Comedy/adventure. Magma Films, Ireland, Animaker, Finland, A-Film, Denmark, Ulysses Films, Germany. Supported by Eurimages, MEDIA and The Irish, Finnish, Hamburg and Danish Film Boards, Only film to ever win both Audience and Critics Prize at CineKid, Amsterdam. Winner of Best Film and Best Screenplay at the Finnish Film Awards (The Jussis). Rights to worldwide English language theatrical, DVD and TV rights pre-bought by the Weinstein Company on strength of script and pre-sold to CBS, USA. Released theatrically winter 2008, Ireland, Europe. US DVD release)
  • SUMMER OF THE FLYING SAUCER (2006. Feature film screenplay. Live action family comedy/adventure. Magma Films, Ireland and Fido Films, Sweden. Supported by Eurimages, The Irish Film Board, Film I Vast and Swedish Film Institute, Sweden. Released theatrically summer 2008 in Ireland, Scandinavia).
  • LILLY THE WITCH (2005. Writer, 1 episode. Animation series of 26 x 24'. Co-production Trixter, Germany, WDR, Germany, BBC, UK, Magma Films, Ireland, Vivatoons, Canada)
  • THE UGLY DUCKLING AND ME (2005. Writer, 4 episodes. CGI animated comedy series of 26 x 24'. Co-production Magma Films Ireland, A-Film Denmark, M6 France, WDR Germany, and The Disney Channel France)
  • NORMAN NORMAL (2004. Series 3. Writer, 2 episodes. Animated comedy adventure series of 65 x 24'. TeleImages, France 3, Magma Films Ireland)
  • WHITE LIGHTNING (2004. Original screenplay. Comedy/drama. Optioned by Magma Films, Ireland and Maipo Films, Norway)
  • DERRICK - DUTY CALLS (2004. Feature film screenplay for 2-D animation film. Co-writer with Jurgen Wolff. Magma Films, ZDF Enterprises (Germany/USA). Distributed by Universal. Released theatrically winter 2004 in Germany)
  • FOREIGN EXCHANGE (2003. Writer, 2 episodes. Live action comedy series of 26 x 24'. Co-production Magma Films, RTE, Ireland, and Screenwest, Channel 6 and Southern Star Australia)
  • THE WHISPERER (2003. Original screenplay. Adventure/drama. Currently in development with Zik Zak Films, Iceland, and Alphaville, Denmark. Nominated for the 2003 Sundance Screenwriting Award)
  • DRAGONS' ROCK (2002. Co-developer, bible, sample scripts. Writer, 3 episodes. CGI animated series of 26 x 24'. Gum Studios Germany, Magma Films Ireland)


  • 2009: Winner of the Finnish Film Awards, The "Jussis", for Best Screenplay and Best Film for NIKO AND THE WAY TO THE STARS
  • 2008: NIKO AND THE WAY TO THE STARS first ever winner of both Jury Prize and Audience Prize at CineKid festival, Amsterdam
  • 2003: One of three nominees for the Sundance Screenwriting Award for THE WHISPERER
  • 1994: Award of Distinction for 'Year's Best Screenplay' at the Graduate Screenwriting Program, University of Southern California


  • 1994: MFA in Screenwriting, Department of Cinema-Television at the University of Southern California. Instructors include: Frank Daniel, Frank Pierson, David Howard
  • 1991: Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, The University of Iceland