Simon Passmore

Agent: Julian Friedmann

Biography: Distinguished television producer and scriptwriter now writing novels. Read more about Simon's scriptwriting here.


Alice is in her mid-thirties, living in the suburbs where her life has run aground.  She's jettisoned her career as a lawyer, her husband has impossible debts and she wants a new start.  At the gym she meets Karen, a young teacher.  Like Alice, Karen is unhappily married and wants to change her life.  The two women plot to win their freedom.  Soon they're travelling upstream in Alice's boat, looking for a quiet backwater where they can hide the body of Alice's husband.  Karen then demands help in getting rid of her abusive husband.  But what Alice doesn't realise is that while she thought she had conned Karen into killing Alice's husband, who is still alive, Karen had quite different plans, which involved living happily ever after with Alice's husband...  MS available, 65,000 words.

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