Steve Hawes

Agent:  Julian Friedmann

Biography: Bilingual (French / English) scriptwriter, with many years of writing and producing experience.   

He is currently polishing THE GREAT CHARTER,  a play about the Magna Carta and his adaptation of Dimitri Verhulst's novel, PROBLEMSKI HOTEL, with Director Manu Riche and a multinational cast, as a joint film and theatre association between the Flemish film fund (VAF) and KVS at the THÉÂTRE NATIONAL in Brussels.   His version of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, with songs by Stephen Solloway, ran for the Christmas season 2011/12 at the Haymarket Theatre Basingstoke, where his play set in a Venetian convent, ORIGINAL SIN, also opened in 2009.

Steve Hawes joined Granada Television as a sports journalist in 1976. He produced sport and documentary features for ITV's regional and national networks 1978-82, and adapted Arthur Ransome's fishing stories for Michael Hordern, ROD AND LINE, Channel 4 1982.   He started producing drama in 1984 and subsequently moved to Paris to produce the first twelve episodes of the MAIGRET series starring Bruno Cremer, which ran until 2006 when the 54th episode was aired. For the last few years of the run he was lead writer on the series.


In development:

  • A TIME TO DIE (feature film commissioned by Hart Films. Producer: Tim Hart)
  • THE SILENCE (A biopic of David Tait commissioned by AMG Productions. Producer: Claire Evans)
  • THE GREAT CHARTER (Period play commissioned by Guerilla Films depicting the story behind the signing of the Magna Carta)
  • FRIENDLY FIRE (Play depicting the stormy relationship between Churchill and de Gaulle from the Fall of France to the Liberation, produced by David Nicholas Wilkinson for Guerrilla Plays for a 2013 opening in London)
  • THE BLACK TULIP (Feature film script adapted from the novel by Alexander Dumas, for director Harry Kümel, Diamond Productions Antwerp & Tom de Mol, Amsterdam)
  • DARSHAN (Feature film script based on the relationship between Gandhi and his ex-Chindit bodyguard over the last three months of Gandhi's life, for Tim Hart, Hart Films)
  • A GIRL MADE OF DUST (Co-written with Monica Solon. Feature film adaptation of the novel by Nathalie Abi-Ezzi. Producers Oliver Huzly and Jean-Christophe Barret)
  • ANA (Semi-documentary drama based on a Belgian resistance hero, her four children and their four fathers, with Manu Riche: jointly funded by EU Media script fund and Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds)

Other credits:

  • LA GUERRE SECRETE de JOSEPHINE BAKER (2 x 90 minutes co-writing adaptation for Studio International)
  • ON PAIN OF DEATH (Feature adaptation of the Simenon short story. For Chorion / Studio International)

TV writer credits:

  • MAIGRET AT THE DOCTOR'S (With Claire Marine Level. 90 minutes. For Dune (Paris) and BBC 4)
  • MAIGRET et LA DEMOISELLE DE COMPAGNIE (90 minutes. For Dune / FR2)
  • MAIGRET ET LES SEPT PETITES CROIX DANS UN CARNET (With Claire Marine Level. 90 minutes. For Dune / FR2)
  • MAIGRET ET LE DOCTEUR (With Claire Marine Level. 90 minutes. For Dune / FR2)
  • UN ÉCHEC DE MAIGRET (90 minutes. For Dune / FR2. TX February)
  • THE MAN WHO WASN'T MAIGRET (60 minute semi-dramatized documentary on Georges Simenon. For FR2. With Manu Riche)
  • THE BILL: TO US AND OURS; SMITTEN (Thames / ITV. Both transmitted in 2001. Title of the latter changed prior to TX)

Producer credits:

  • LE GRAND PATRON (Consultant: medical series. For Dune)
  • MAIGRET (Co-wrote / produced two episodes. With Jean-Pierre Sinapi and Daniel Tonachella)
  • PLEASURE (Christopher Hood's feature-length comedy. With Adrian Dunbar and Jennifer Ehle. For the series ALAN BLEASDALE PRESENTS. Channel 4. 1994 / 5)
  • MAIGRET (Artistic producer of the first feature-length episodes. Starring Bruno Cremer. Directors: Claude Goretta, Serge Leroi, Bertrand van Effantère and José Pinhéro. Dune)
  • A TALE OF TWO CITIES (As Head of Drama. Co-produced. With Dune for Granada / ITV, France 2 and for WGBH Boston)
  • THE HEAT OF THE DAY (Exec-produced Harold Pinter's adaptation of Elizabeth Bowen's novel. For ITV/WGBH Boston)
  • SMALL WORLD (Six-hour adaptation of David Lodge's book. Granada / ITV)
  • FLOODTIDE (Thriller with Philip Sayer. 2 series Granada / ITV)
  • BULMAN (Produced private-eye series with Don Henderson. 2 series Granada / ITV)
  • CELEBRATION (Produced three of Kenneth Macmillan's theatrical ballets)
  • A CHRISTMAS CAROL (Thea Musgrave's contemporary opera. Channel 4)
  • ISADORA (Granada / ITV)
  • GLORIA (Granada / ITV)
  • MESSIAH (A rock and roll version of Handel's work. Granada / ITV)

Stage plays:

  • ORIGINAL SIN (Anvil Arts Theatre)
  • THE GREAT CHARTER (see above) 
  • WHO THE HELL IS BRAMBLE? (Play on Shakespeare's sonnets. Haymarket, Basingstoke)
  • TRISTAN (Loosely adapted from Béroul's Old French text. John Stripe Theatre, Winchester)