In this article in the Wales Arts Review,  Kaite O' Reilly discusses her new play COSY, and its themes of aging and mortality. 

I want to handle this often feared topic with wit, as well as sobriety and respect. I love human beings ability to live joyfully and in the moment, despite the knowledge our time is finite and we will all die one day. How these two opposing perspectives co-exist is fascinating to explore theatrically – and the deceptions, avoidances, contradictions and confrontations within a family with distinct and different ethical, religious, and political perspectives

Performed by a cracking all-Welsh cast, COSY is a darkly comic look at three generations of women as they share the joys and humiliations of getting older.  This new work – at turns hilarious and heartbreaking – examines issues relevant to us all; youth, ageing, and the last, great taboo.

COSY will be performed at the Weston Studio in Cardiff from the 8th - 12th March. 

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