Follow Christopher Nicholson's Highland Journey Among the Summer Snows

Christopher Nicholson’s new non-fiction book AMONG THE SUMMER SNOWS is published today in hardback by September Publishing.

AMONG THE SUMMER SNOW is an account of a summer's journey through the Highlands of Scotland in search of the snow patches that remain. Interwoven are meditations on the science of snow, the art of observation, the legacy of other walkers such as Boswell and Johnson and the lure of the mountains themselves.

As Christopher Nicholson says: 'The summer snow patches of the Scottish Highlands are magical things. They're beautiful, thought-provoking and enigmatic, not least because of their strange survival. They ought to have melted, but they're still here, like icebergs that have floated and settled high in the mountains.'

Christopher will also be appearing at Wigtown Festival in September, and at the Edinburgh International Book Festival on Wednesday 16th August 2017, alongside the nature writer Jim Crumley, for a talk entitled 'Men For All Seasons'. More information can be found  here.

Read the opening paragraph of the AMONG THE SUMMER SNOWS here.

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‘This is the kind of beautiful writing that transcends form – in this case nature writing - to arrive somewhere improbable and compelling.’ – Paul Evans, nature writer, Guardian Country Diary and more. 

‘A beautiful book about love and loss, fragility and chance, the wide world and the near world . . . full of intense light and colour, extraordinary glimpses, moving insights and subtle humour.' - Richard Kerridge, author of COLD BLOOD

'This ravishingly lovely book is about thought-snow, summer snow, flight, falling, stillness, memory, loss, mountains, Time, death, survival and everything in between. It is an intense scrutiny of minute worlds, a roaming gaze into the vastness of space, intimate, introspective and questioning.' - Keggie Carew, author of DADLAND

‘It’s a long while since I read a book that made me laugh and cry within just a few pages … A wrong-footing marvel of a book … touching both death’s void, and love, and the beauty of the natural world at one and the same time and in a way that is all the more powerful for its restraint.’ – Books from Scotland


Christopher Nicholson is the author of three novels, including THE ELEPHANT KEEPER, which was shortlisted for the Costa Novel Award and Encore Prize. His third novel WINTER, about the late life of Thomas Hardy, has been adapted for radio as TESS IN WINTER, and sold in Spain and France. He lives in the countryside on the border between Wiltshire and Dorset.