Deon Meyer takes the bestseller lists by storm!


Deon Meyer's new Benny Griessel crime thriller 7 DAE (published in Afrikaans by Human & Rousseau, English title 7 DAYS) tops South African charts and TRACKERS, which managed to fend off the likes of Paolo Coelho, James Patterson, and many others, to maintain the Number One spot for eight weeks, is not far behind. TRACKERS was launched in the UK, USA, South Africa and Germany in September and the Sunday Times has tipped it as Meyer's 'best work yet'.  The German edition, published by Aufbau as ROTE SPUR, has reached Number One on the KrimiZEIT Bestseller lists too.

Three other titles (13 HOURS English and Afrikaans (13 UUR) and the Afrikaans edition of TRACKERS (SPOOR) also feature in the SA Top 100. Kirkus in the US and the Independent and the Sunday Times in the UK have just named TRACKERS one of the best thrillers of 2011.

In addition to storming the charts, The South African Boeke Prize Fanatics Choice Award for 2011 was the latest in the list of accolades for 13 HOURS, just two weeks after the novel won for Best Thriller in the Barry Awards at Bouchercon in St Louis on September 15. The novel was also shortlisted for the 2011 Macavity Award for Best Mystery Novel, and the CWA International Dagger award in the UK, and the South African Sunday Times Literary Prize.

It's no wonder Deon (and fellow Blake Friedmann client Margie Orford), have been dubbed 'King and Queen of South African Crime Fiction'!

Le Seuil publish TRACKERS in France in February 2012 and Deon Meyer will be visiting France, Holland and Scandinavia for publicity tours in February and March 2012.

Praise for TRACKERS:
'How fulfilling the rewards are for those seeking crime fiction with real texture and intelligence...Trackers is a sprawling, invigorating and socially committed crime novel.'-- Barry Forshaw, The Independent

'I am steeling myself for this month's inevitable hysteria as publishers and booksellers trumpet that "South Africa is the new Scandinavia" when it comes to crime writing and that Deon Meyer is "South Africa's Answer to Stieg Larsson". He's not; he's far better...With TRACKERS I would suggest he has moved into the John le Carré class…mainly because this is a book which is a great thriller and a fine novel of characterisation.' -- Mike Ripley, Shots Magazine

Praise for 13 HOURS:
'Deon Meyer is one of the unsung masters. THIRTEEN HOURS proves he should be on everyone's reading list. This book is great!' -- Michael Connelly

'Pulse-pounding…this crime novel...further enhance[s] Meyer's reputation as a deft storyteller.' -- Publishers Weekly

'Superbly accomplished chase thriller by a South African writer now gaining deserved international recognition…Watch out for TRACKERS, his new book due out in September.' -- Financial Times

Praise for Deon Meyer:

'Deon Meyer is one of the best crime writers on the planet.' -- Mail on Sunday

'Deon Meyer's novels...are absolutely worthy of Hammett and Chandler, the great North American Masters of the Thirties and the Forties' -- Carmen Méndez, Expansión

'Deon Meyer is one of the giants of crime fiction.' -- Emma Rodriguez, El Mundo

'Without a doubt, Deon Meyer is one of the greatest contemporary crime novelists.' -- Alexandre Fillion, Livres Hebdo