Guy Meredith’s ONE WINTER'S AFTERNOON on BBC Radio 3, Sunday 19th May


Guy Meredith's excellent new play about an (imagined) meeting between Verdi and Wagner will be broadcast on BBC Radio 3 this Sunday, 19th May, at 8.30pm.

ONE WINTER'S AFTERNOON is a bitter-sweet comedy about a meeting between those twin pillars of opera: Verdi and Wagner. A meeting which never took place. The play however envisions Verdi struggling with 'Otello' while the recently deceased Wagner occupies a space in his head. The action ranges over much of the 19th century, following the two lives, until the men achieve an - albeit fictitious - reconciliation.

In this production, Wagner is played by Kenneth Cranham and Verdi by Paul Rhys, while Kate Buffrey plays Verdi's wife Giuseppina and Clive Merrison is Ricordi, his publisher. For more information, the BBC page can be accessed here.

 'Guy Meredith's imaginative new radio play... poignant and amusing retrospective of two operatic lives.' Radio Times