Helen Walmsley-Johnson Speaks Out About Domestic Abuse

Photo credit: Anna Gordon for Guardian

Photo credit: Anna Gordon for Guardian

After listening to the story of Helen Tichener’s abusive relationship on The Archers, Helen Walmsley Johnson has written about her own similar story in the New Statesman. The piece has been widely shared and a fund was set up to raise money for Refuge, to help women in situations like those of the Helens. They’ve now had contributions amounting to £11,685 and still growing. For anyone able to donate, Refuge, Paul and Helen deeply appreciate all contributions to this important cause. 

Helen, writing as The Invisible Woman, is a freelance writer and author of the popular column The Vintage Years, which she wrote for the Guardian. She has spoken out against ageism on Woman's Hour and BBC radio and now writes for various publications, including regular articles for Standard Issue

Her book on ageing, THE INVISIBLE WOMAN, was published by Icon Books in June 2015. Funny and frank, Helen discusses what it is to reach your fifties, look both backwards and forwards, and how to continue pursuing adventures in later life even when it seems your brain and your body are working against you. 

Praise for Helen Walmsley Johnson:

‘We love the way Helen writes. She tells it as it is because she KNOWS how it is.’ – Gransnet

‘THE INVISIBLE WOMAN always speaks to me, and for me. It's about saying up yours to the cult of youth, but also about seeing the life of the 50 + as hilariously funny’ – Professor Mary Beard

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