Ken Hom eats, drinks and cooks his way across China


In his new BBC2 series, Ken Hom will be teaming up with culinary friend and colleague Ching-He Huang for an epic gastronomic road trip across China. Though neither were born on Chinese soil, their ancestry has always informed their work in the kitchen. The pair will rediscover the cultural roots of their cooking and, through food, open up a new side of this diverse, evolving and greatly important nation for British audiences.

Their 5000 mile journey will take them from the bustling capital Beijing, along the rural outposts of the Great Wall, through China's spicy Sichuan heartland, before exploring the influence and cuisine of minority cultures in Yunnan and finally sampling the dishes of the mystical Northern city of Kashgar, at the end of the ancient Silk Road.

Ken said 'This series has been a voyage of discovery for me. It has deepened my love of Chinese food and it has given me great hope for the future of this ancient cuisine. I want to share my experience with the world! It was a coming home for me and my Chinese heritage.'

The 4x60 minute series was commissioned by BBC2 controller Janice Hadlow and is produced by Paula Trafford's KEO Films. Paula added 'China is set to become the most powerful country on earth so what better way to understand a culture than through its cuisine - especially for a nation where food is absolutely at its heart.'