Orion signs Liz Fenwick for two books


Orion's Kate Mills signs debut author, Liz Fenwick, for two books. Liz Fenwick, is a glamorous and elegant Bostonian/Irish mother of 3 who lives with her British husband in Dubai.  But she regards her house in Cornwall as her home.

A CORNISH HOUSE is a romantic/suspense novel about which Kate Mills said in her offer letter to Carole Blake of Blake Friedmann earlier this week:

"I'm very excited at the prospect of publishing Liz's fiction.  Something about this book really got under my skin.  It's a story I can see women of all ages falling in love with.  Who wouldn't want to inherit a house in Cornwall?  Liz is a very engaging writer, who clearly enjoys what she does.  There's something delightfully old-fashioned about A CORNISH HOUSE. It reminded me of the fat, juicy paperbacks I hoovered up when I left university.  I see Liz  as a baby Rosamund Pilcher; writing those gorgeously big, sprawling family stories that are touched with escapism and a little bit of aspiration.   Totally getting ahead of myself here, but I've got the jacket in my head already...

Carole  Blake said: "I met her on Twitter: how modern is that?  I've known her socially for more than a year and have seen how professionally she handles her writing.  Three other agents offered her representation so I'm very pleased that last month she chose to be represented by me.  She's the first debut novelist I've taken on for many years. I was bowled over by Kate Mills' enthusiasm: Liz has a big future ahead of her and it's in good hands with Kate signing up two books.

"The first deal came in from Holland: Chris Kooi of De Boekerij bought rights earlier this week and said: "De Boekerij lives and breathes books like A CORNISH HOUSE."  We have an auction going on among German publishers which will be resolved soon."

Liz Fenwick said:  "I'm really thrilled to have my first publishing deals for THE CORNISH HOUSE and very much look forward to joining the magnificent Kate Mills list at Orion in the UK, and De Boekerij in Holland and to know that I will be published in German."

Photo Credit: Paul Sumner (Stu Williamson Photography)