Paperback Publication day for Barbara Erskine and Sheila O’Flanagan

Two fabulous books by Blake Friedmann authors are out in paperback today.

The paperback for THE DARKEST HOUR by Barbara Erskine is released today by HarperCollins with a stunning new look for the cover and including a picture section at the back containing photographs of Barbara’s father, a Spitfire pilot, whose wartime exploits she based the historical part of the novel upon . An epic tale of love and heartbreak set in World War II and the present, Lucy’s husband is killed in a bizarre car accident and a painting he was to have restored leads Lucy back to the life of the artist, Evie. Finding a painted-over figure of a WWII pilot behind Evie’s self-portrait, Lucy unravels the mystery of the two men in Evie’s life, and their relevance to Lucy’s own. Barbara Erskine is the author of 13 novels and 3 volumes of short stories.  Her first and bestselling novel LADY OF HAY, has been continuously in print for 30 years next year and is sold in 26 languages.

IF YOU WERE ME by Sheila O’Flanagan is published in paperback today by Headline. Stressful presentations are part of a day’s work for Carlotta, but this one was in 2 languages. Missing her plane home wasn’t part of the plan, and missing her future mother-in-law’s birthday party is just the first of a sequence of events that turns her emotional and work life upside down.  Headline have sold more than 6 million books by Sheila, and her next novel, MY MOTHER’S SECRET, is published in July.  It will be Sheila’s 21st novel. She has also published 3 volumes of short stories