Paul Finch’s DON’T READ ALONE now available on kindle!

DON'T READ ALONE final cover.JPG

A new short story collection by horror writer Paul Finch, entitled DON'T READ ALONE, is now available on Amazon kindle.

In his new bestselling series of Hitchcockian crime novels, cop-turned-author Paul Finch is busy bringing darkness and terror into the world of fictional law-enforcement.

In both Stalkers and Sacrifice, and the next few novels to come, Finch pitches Detective Sergeant Mark 'Heck' Heckenburg, a hard-edged but likeable young cop, against a range of killers and madmen drawn from society's worst nightmares. The Nice Guys Club, the Desecrator, the M1 Maniacs, the Lady Killer - these are all human adversaries, yet so twisted and depraved that they might as well be real monsters.

And 'real monsters' is the realm into which Finch is ready to take you next, as he goes one step further with Don't Read Alone, a new collection of full-on horror short stories.

You can buy DON'T READ ALONE here.

Go on, we dare you!