Paul Hodson’s GARAGE BAND opens at the Mercury Colchester


GARAGE BAND, written by Andy Barrett and directed by Paul Hodson, has started its run at the Mercury Theatre, Colchester.

Four middle-aged, middle-class misfits try to spark a punk revival in this funny, touching and distinctly loud new play, featuring electric guitars, head-banging and existentialist philosophy!

But thirty years on from the mohicans, the glue sniffing and the safety pins through the nose, is there really any place for the 'spirit of punk' in a world full of babies, life-insurance and pasta machines?

"A must-see for anyone wanting to put a few teenage kicks back into their life" Nick Brunger -- What's On Stage
"A comic delight" Alfred Hickling -- The Guardian
"An iconic period which resonates with today's turbulent times, I very much doubt that audience attendances will be Pretty Vacant for this nod to the punk phenomenon." Nick Dines --

Catch the show before it closes on March 9th.