Peter James co-writes crime novel with 26 authors.

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Twenty-six authors, including Peter James, have contributed to the new crime novel, NO REST FOR THE DEAD, published later this week by Simon & Schuster. Instigated by Andrew Gulli, editor of Strand Magazine in the US, each author has written a chapter, and together they have created a story centred on detective Jon Nunn and who is trying to solve a 10-year-old case. Other authors include, Raymond Khoury, Jeffrey Deaver, Kathy Reichs and Faye Kellerman.

Peter James says of the experience, "The hard thing was not knowing what any of the characters were like - none of us saw what the others had written...It's amazing though - it actually works," he said. "It shows most thriller writers think in a similar, Machiavellian way".

Gulli and his sister Lamia, both of whom have edited the novel, will donate all their proceeds to the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Society. Please click here to read the article featured in the Guardian. 

Peter James has recently also enjoyed huge success with his latest novel DEAD MAN'S GRIP. Having sold over 40,000 hardback copies in 10 weeks, the novel has stayed in the top 10 bestseller lists since publication six weeks ago.

Praise for Peter James:

'Authenticity, coupled with the ingenuity of his plotting, drives the tale at a pace that could fuse speed cameras on the M1.' -- David Connett, The Sunday Express

' entirely convincing copper thanks to the author's meticulous research.' -- The Shortlist

Photo Credit: Joerg Steinmetz