Peter James, Dame Vera Lynn, and handcuffs?


Peter explains:  "A few years back I became very friendly with the Police in Munich, whilst researching scenes for my Roy Grace novels over there.  As a joke, they gave me the miniature lapel badge handcuffs I am wearing in the picture "for arresting small criminals."  

"Subsequently I was made co-patron for Sussex Crimestoppers together with Dame Vera Lynn.  Few people realize that Crimestoppers is a charity, entirely reliant on donations. It plays a crucial role in fighting crime across the UK, through enabling people to report crimes with total anonymity, yet still receive rewards payments."

Peter had the idea of forming the 'Golden Handcuffs Club" as a fund raising vehicle.  Sussex businesses pay £1,000 a year to join, for which they receive a set of miniature handcuffs, a larger pair for their office wall (or any other use....),  lunch annually with the Chief Constable and senior Sussex Police officers, and a corporate name check in Peter's Roy Grace novels.   Dame Vera and Peter are pictured here, last Thursday, at the opening meeting of Brighton Races, which was in aid of Sussex Crimestoppers.  And, to make it a particularly good start to the season, Peter won £55.00!