Re-enactment society, Regia Anglorum, celebrates 25th anniversary

LADY OF THE ENGLISH Little Brown final front.JPG

Elizabeth Chadwick is an avid member of the Medieval re-enactment group Regia Anglorum, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. With over 500 members, Regia Anglorum (a term used by early English writers to denote the English state) explore and recreate English life of the British Isles from the Viking Age of Alfred the Great to the Norman Conquest in 1066. Regia Anglorum have created a video in honour of their 25th year anniversary, portraying the dedication and authenticity of the society. To view the exciting video, please click here, and click here for more information on Regia Anglorum.

Their authentic approach is a great research tool for Elizabeth Chadwick's novels, enabling her to capture her own experiences on the pages of her books. For more information on Chadwick's involvement, please click here. Her latest novel LADY OF THE ENGLISH was published in June by Little, Brown.

Praise for Elizabeth Chadwick:

'The best writer of medieval fiction currently around.' -- Historical Novel Review

"...a meticulously researched historical novel with great insight into both female lead characters....For reading groups with an interest in historical fiction, this book would be a joy to discuss, and would initiate a lively discussion on the merits of being a woman in a man's world." -- Josie Barton, New Books