Siobhan Macdonald’s TWISTED RIVER sold to Penguin US

Isobel Dixon has sold North American rights at auction to Siobhan Macdonald’s psychological thriller TWISTED RIVER to Emily Murdock Baker at Viking Penguin.

Baker said: ‘It’s so gripping and page turning, so tightly plotted. It’s fantastic, and I know it will make a great addition to the Penguin list. I think TWISTED RIVER would appeal to the same readership as THE SILENT WIFE and the Edgar Award-winning THE WICKED GIRLS.’

A compelling new ‘marriage noir’ set in Manhattan and Limerick, TWISTED RIVER tells the story of a dream holiday house-swap that goes tragically wrong. Kate and Mannix O'Brien live with their two children in a quirky house overlooking the Curragower Falls on the Shannon River in Limerick – a city where the haves and have-nots live side by side. Meanwhile, on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, the Harveys own a fashionable brownstone on Riverside Drive. For their family vacations this year, they’ve both booked in for a house-swap – and it’s one they will never forget. At the novel’s start, Oscar Harvey is opening the trunk of the car his hosts have loaned him – and finds the body of a woman. From this shocking beginning the story spools back to roots of the house swap, taking us on a gripping journey that never lets up.

Siobhan’s novel THE BLUE POOL was published in Germany by Piper last month.

Born in Cork, Siobhan studied in Galway, worked as a technical writer in Scotland for ten years, then in France, before returning to Ireland. She lives in Limerick with her husband and two sons.