SLEEPER'S CASTLE by Barbara Erskine published today

Harper Collins releases SLEEPER’S CASTLE by Barbara Erskine today in a beautiful hardback edition. In this new novel, Sunday Times bestselling author Barbara Erskine returns to Hay in the year that marks the 30th anniversary of her sensational debut bestseller, LADY OF HAY.  SLEEPER’S CASTLE is published on the very day that LADY OF HAY celebrates 30 years in print!

Two women, centuries apart. One endless nightmare tearing Wales apart – and only they can stop it.

Hay-On-Wye, 1400 – War is brewing in the Welsh borders, Catrin is on the brink of womanhood and falling in love for the first time. Her father is a soothsayer, negotiating a dangerous game playing on the mixed loyalties and furious rivalries between Welsh princes and English lords. For two hundred years, the Welsh people have suffered under the English yoke, dreaming of independence. And finally it looks as though the charismatic Owain Glyndwr may be the man legend talks of. In the walls of Sleeper’s Castle, Catrin finds herself caught in the middle of a doomed war as she is called upon to foretell Wales’s destiny… And what she sees, is blood and war coming closer…

Hay, 2015. Miranda has moved to Sleeper’s Castle to escape and grieve. Slowly she feels herself coming to life in the solitude of the mountains. But every time she closes her eyes her dreams become more vivid. And she makes a connection with a young girl, who’s screaming, who’s reaching out… who only Miranda can help. Is she losing herself to time?

Barbara will be at History in the Court at Goldsboro books on Thursday, along with Blake Friedmann authors Elizabeth Chadwick and David Gilman.

Barbara Erskine is the author of 13 novels and 3 volumes of short stories, and her work has been translated into 26 languages.

Praise for Barbara Erskine:

'Barbara Erskine's storytelling talent is undeniable.' - The Times

'The Queen of timeslip epics.' - The Bookseller