SUSHI, written and directed by Maeve Murphy, wins the 2011 Sub-ti International Short Film competition


The film will be screened as part of the current Venice Film Festival and at other international film festivals.

The third annual competition was for a short film on subtitles and international dialogue, or subtitling as a means of cross-cultural communication.

SUSHI is about how, in a crisis moment, a compassionate connection is made between two strangers from different cultures who are also neighbours. That conversation is the start of a friendship beyond cultural and linguistic differences.  A suicidal woman is saved by sushi. Set in London, it is a quirky charming short, and also an excerpt from Maeve's current feature project TAKING STOCK.

Produced by the London Film Academy; Executive Producers: Daisy Gili & Anna MacDonald; Produced by Holly Wells.
Starring Luanna Priestman and Junichi Kajioka.

Maeve Murphy was born and brought up in Northern Ireland. She studied English at Cambridge University and was the secretary of the Cambridge Footlights. Her early career was in theatre with award winning theatre company Trouble and Strife. Maeve then worked at Parallax Pictures Production Company and moved into film. Her previous films are: Beyond The Fire (2009/2010), Silent Grace (2004), Salvage (2001 - short film).

With this competition, Sub-ti continues on its mission to promote independent cinema, and at the same time it also provides an excellent opportunity for exposure to young filmmakers and film school students. The competition is indeed targeted to directors and aspiring filmmakers, as well as film and communications students, of all nationalities.

The winning short film will be screened over the world, at the international film festivals which Sub-ti is a partner of.