A PLACE BEYOND COURAGE nominated in 2012 Romantic Times Awards

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Receiving a five star review in the RT Book Reviews and a starred review in Publishers Weekly, A PLACE BEYOND COURAGE has reached new heights and is now nominated in the Historical Fiction genre of the Romantic Times 2012 Awards. A PLACE BEYOND COURAGE is the spellbinding prequel to THE GREATEST KNIGHT. Taking readers on a royal tour of deception in 12th century England it is a brilliant depiction of medieval political intrigue.

Long time Blake Friedmann client Elizabeth Chadwick has been writing for over twenty years and her timeless novels are sold in eighteen languages worldwide.  According to a survey of the best loved historical fiction writers, Elizabeth Chadwick is the second most loved author, second only to Sharon Kay Penman, and is consistently recognised for her secure grasp on the historical fiction genre and her talent as an imaginative writer. 
A PLACE BEYOND COURAGE is published by Sourcebooks in the USA and Little, Brown in the UK.

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'Chadwick's historical grasp is secure and vivid in this punchy prequel to her last two FitzGilbert epics. Assailed by dangerous strategic and moral choices, FitzGilbert cuts an honourable, savvy and sympathetic figure in an absorbing narrative that canters along.' --The Financial Times

'It has everything - drama, intrigue, and those little emotional moments that make all the difference ... a good read.'  -- New Books

'Another wonderfully written, immensely moving and immaculately researched novel from an author who grows in stature with every book she writes.' -- Wigan Evening Post

'Jean Plaidy with sex! This is absolutely thrilling and historically illuminating. Brilliantly written, Chadwick is on great form. The battle scenes are terrific, the intrigue and plotting sensational. Great stuff.' -- Gateway Review


A PLACE BEYOND COURAGE receives starred review in Publisher’s Weekly


A PLACE BEYOND COURAGE by Elizabeth Chadwick receives a starred review in this week's US magazine Publisher's Weekly:

'In this spellbinding prequel to 2009's THE GREATEST KNIGHT Chadwick takes readers on a tour of royal intrigue in 12th-century England. After a fortune-teller reveals to a young royal servant named John FitzGilbert Marshal that one of his offspring will one day rule England, the unmarried man laughs in her face. Later, John's wives-first the pious and meek Aline, and then the sassy spitfire Sybilla-bear him multiple children, and it soon becomes clear that at least one of them is destined for greatness. As an honorable servant to King Henry, John's loyalties are thrown into turmoil upon his beloved leader's death. He goes on to pledge allegiance to the new King Stephen, but others are less sure of the new monarch. As warring parties struggle for the throne, John must reconcile his wishes for his children with what is best for his country, and what he himself most desires. Based on real characters and extensive research, Chadwick's imaginative tale will keep readers captive till the final page.'

A PLACE BEYOND COURAGE, is published by Sourcebooks in the USA and Little, Brown in the UK.