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September Publishing have acquired WAL to a non-fiction book in the nature writing genre by Christopher Nicholson, author of acclaimed novels THE ELEPHANT KEEPER and WINTER, from Isobel Dixon at Blake Friedmann.

AMONG THE SUMMER SNOW is an account of a summer's journey through the Highlands of Scotland in search of the snow patches that remain. Interwoven are meditations on the science of snow, the art of observation, the legacy of other walkers such as Boswell and Johnson and the lure of the mountains themselves. As Christopher Nicholson says: 'The summer snow patches of the Scottish Highlands are magical things. They're beautiful, thought-provoking and enigmatic, not least because of their strange survival. They ought to have melted, but they're still here, like icebergs that have floated and settled high in the mountains.' The book will be illustrated and published as a hardback in Spring 2017.

Hannah MacDonald, Publisher of September, says, 'Christopher Nicholson is a singular writer. I relished his beautifully skilful, immersive novels WINTER and THE ELEPHANT KEEPER and am therefore thrilled that Christopher will be publishing his first non-fiction book with September. We look forward to working with Christopher to publish his unique book about an immensely popular landscape.'

Isobel Dixon of Blake Friedmann says, 'I was fascinated by Christopher's pursuit of the enduring summer snow patches, and am thrilled that September have acquired this special book. I admire Hannah MacDonald's thoughtful approach to publishing books of quality and look forward to the beautiful edition that I know she will produce.'

Christopher Nicholson lives in the countryside on the border between Wiltshire and Dorset. His second novel THE ELEPHANT KEEPER (Fourth Estate) was shortlisted for the Costa Novel Award and the Encore Award and his third novel WINTER (Fourth Estate), about the late life of Thomas Hardy, has been adapted for radio as TESS IN WINTER and recently published in the US by Europa. French and theatrical rights are also sold.

 For more information, please contact: Sue Amaradivakara, PR Collective

 Praise for Christopher Nicholson’s novels:


 'A wonderful novel, moving, gripping and illuminating.' David Lodge

 'Nicholson's understated prose perfectly suits this account of Thomas Hardy's unrequited love ....a superfine, thistledown novel about a novelist, a place and about love and loss.' The Guardian

 ‘Quietly intelligent and compassionate, but what stands out most is that it is gorgeously, gorgeously written in prose so elegantly crafted that it becomes, paradoxically, almost invisible.’ – Minneapolis Star Tribune

 ‘Gently elegiac...ravishing...Hardyesque....' The Sunday Telegraph

 'A superb novel...beautifully written, very moving.' John Boyne


 'An unforgettable picture of an elephant/human relationship so close that, as the elephant learns to think like a human, she teaches her human to think like an elephant. This is one of the best books of the year.' BookPage

 'Endearing...a rich meditation on the Enlightenment. Like the elephant at its centre, Nicholson's book is gentle, profound and sweet-natured.' The Observer

 ‘An absolute gem … delightful but often darkly disturbing …The result is a joy.' The Guardian

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