WRITTEN IN DEAD WAX, Andrew Cartmel’s debut novel and first in the VINYL DETECTIVE series is published today by Titan Books.

The Vinyl Detective is a a hunter of rare and elusive LPs. When a mysterious woman wants to pay a large sum of money to find a priceless lost recording — on behalf of an extremely wealthy (and very shady) client — the Vinyl Detective accepts, given that he’s nearly run out of cat treats.

Little does he know that he is about to embark on a dangerous and painful odyssey in search of the most rare jazz record of them all. He will be swindled, deceived, hoodwinked, beaten up, ripped-off, almost killed (more than once) and have his heart broken (more than once), while uncovering clues of pivotal importance in exposing a web of international financial chicanery — not to mention solving the mystery of a murder that took place half a century ago.

About the author

Andrew Cartmel is a novelist, playwright & screenwriter who had a legendary stint as Script Editor on DOCTOR WHO. His stage play UNDER THE EAGLE was hailed by Time Out London as ‘bitingly funny’. He is co-writing the first of a series of graphic novels called BODY WORKS, together with Ben Aaronovitch, based on Ben’s best-selling RIVERS OF LONDON books.


‘This charming mystery feels as companionable as a leisurely afternoon trawling the vintage shops with a good friend.’ – Kirkus Reviews

‘A joy to read. Suspenseful, thrilling and above all, very funny.’ – Ben Aaronovitch

‘…Marvellously inventive and endlessly fascinating.’ – Publisher’s Weekly

Andrew Cartmel at the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Celebrations!


Andrew Cartmel will be appearing at the BBC’s 50th Anniversary celebrations for Doctor Who at the ExCeL Centre in Dockland this weekend. Andrew was the script editor for Doctor Who from 1986-89. He is most well-known for engineering the so-called "Cartmel Masterplan", a back story that restored some of the mystery of the Doctor's background. He has also written comic scripts for Doctor Who magazine and three Doctor Who novels for Virgin Publishing.

The Anniversary Party at ExCeL takes place from the 22nd to the 24th of November and includes behind-the-scenes demonstrations and workshops, stunts, explosions, monsters, props & costumes, official merchandise and memorabilia. Andrew will be at the celebrations on Sunday 24th November, attending the screenings of Remembrance of the Daleks Episodes 1 and 3, at 2:30 and 4:20pm respectively. Click here for more information.