Trailer released for SUPERVISED written by Andy Briggs

The trailer for the new film SUPERVISED has been released, watch it here!

SUPERVIZED tells the story of an elderly group of international superheroes retired to Dunmanor nursing home in Ireland. Ray is the once world renowned ‘Maximum Justice’ who as his nom de plume suggests will fight bad with good till the cows come home. He finds it hard to accept that his hero days are over and now it’s bingo games and blanket baths. His old team consisting of trusted sidekick Ted AKA ‘Shimmy’, old flame Madera ‘Moonlight’ and rival at everything Pendle ‘Total Thunder’ are far more accepting of their undignified destiny. When Jerry, ‘Rainbow Warrior,’ dies after having his superpowers ‘downwardly managed’ for the safety of others, a federation sectioned procedure, Ray suspects foul play and decides to investigate. The rest of the gang is not so convinced, and Ray finds himself battling against not only his enemies, but the stigma and restrictions of old age.



Andy Briggs’ new film, SUPERVISED, will be released in select theatres and on demand on the 19th July 2019.


Real superheroes get better with age. Tom Berenger and Beau Bridges lead this delightful comedy centered around a group of senior superheroes spending their twilight years in a nursing home in Ireland. When Ray (Berenger) suspects foul play at the nursing home, he reassembles his old team for one last mission, proving that saving the world never gets old.


SUPERVISED promises to be a warm and funny subversion of the superhero genre, combining all the eccentricities of the old British retiring home with all the high-flying action you’d expect.


Supervised is a Lionsgate film, directed by Steve Barron, and written by Andy Briggs and John Niven.


Watch the trailer here, and don’t forget to look out for the release!

WINTER STORM: the final instalment in Andy Briggs' Inventory series published today


WINTER STORM, the fourth and final instalment in Andy Briggs’ THE INVENTORY series - perfect for lovers of Alex Ryder and Artemis Fowl - is published today in paperback by Scholastic. In the climactic young adult novel, the secrets that have kept readers hooked will finally be revealed as Dev and his friends battle against the deadly technology that threatens the world.

Having learned a troubling truth about himself in the Black Zone of the Inventory, Dev is called back into action to defend the world’s greatest store of futuristic tech, and he’ll need all the help he can get from his friends. Someone has stolen Winter Storm, a swarm of powerful biobots, and is using them to infect and control people! Who can be trusted now?

Although THE INVENTORY series is coming to a close, fans of Andy’s writing won’t have long to wait. His exciting new standalone novel DRONE RACER is coming soon.

Andy Briggs is a screenwriter & novelist who has worked on TV projects for Syfy, Netflix, ITV and Amazon and is working extensively between the UK, US and China. He collaborated with the Edgar Rice Burroughs Estate to reboot Tarzan, creating an action-packed middle-grade trilogy based on the beloved character’s adventures. Andy is the author of a number of books for young readers including the HERO.COM and VILLAIN.NET series which reinvent the superhero genre for an audience growing up within a digital age. Andy has also written several comics and graphic novels for Markosia.

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Praise for Andy Briggs:

'Andy Briggs vision of a world with super-hero's and super-villain's is a very original one and has been very well realised. These books are superbly written, the story sets off at a high pace and never once slows down...I have been well and truly hooked on this novel from start to finish, it is so close to being a super-villain film in book form, I personally cannot wait till the next volume and highly recommend this book.' – Antony,

‘Tweens and younger teens who have wished for super powers will be drawn to this interesting concept, and there will be plenty of action to keep them reading.’ –Booklist

‘Every now and again, as a writer, I come across a book that is so simple, yet powerful, in its concept, that I consider it to be genius…and the latest is the twin series of HERO.COM and VILLIAN.NET…Having now read the first in the series, I’ll be picking up the first VILLIAN.NET book as soon as I can. I suggest you do the same.’ – Tommy Donavan


Simon West attached to direct Andy Briggs and Paul Finch's WAR WOLF

Veteran action director Simon West has been set to helm “War Wolf,” with shooting set for Italy in November. West’s directing credits include “Con Air,” “The Expendables 2” and “The Mechanic.”

Simon West

Simon West


Producers are Ileen Maisel, Lawrence Elman and Jib Polhemus. West will direct from a script by Blake Friedmann clients:  Andy Briggs and Paul Finch. Julian Friedmann is Executive Producer. 

“War Wolf” is set in 1356, after decades of war between the French and English armies, with English solider Earl Hugo awarded the castle of his enemy, the French assassin Mauchet. But in the walls of the castle and the lands that surround it, someone has reawakened the Loup de Guerre, the ferocious War Wolf of French legend and the nightmarish creature is now on a killing spree.

The special effects makeup and costuming for the project will be created by Dave Elsey and Lou Elsey, co-founders of the Igor Studios. The Elseys have worked on “Mission: Impossible,” “Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith” and “Wolves.” Dave Elsey and Rick Baker shared an Academy Award for the 2010 “The Wolfman.”

Maisel’s credits include “The Golden Compass” and “Inkheart.” Elman produced “Romeo and Juliet,” starring Douglas Booth and Hailee Steinfeld.



IRON FIST by Andy Briggs, author of TARZAN and HERO.COM, is published by Scholastic this week. IRON FIST is the first in the INVENTORY series,  which centres around a collection of the most incredible technology the world has NEVER seen.

Hidden under a small suburban town, the Inventory contains invisible camouflage, HoverBoots, indestructible metals, and the deadly war robot Iron Fist.

Dev's uncle, Charlie Parker, is the Inventory's mild-mannered curator, with security provided by Eema, a beyond-state-of-the-art artificial intelligence system. But security is catastrophically breached when Lot and Mason from school turn up unexpectedly and, hot on their heels, a ruthless gang of thieves working for the Collector and the Shadow Helix organization.

If the thieves succeed in their goal to seize the Iron Fist, Dev, his friends, and the world are in a whole heap of trouble. 

About the author

Successful scriptwriter with scripts sold to Hollywood and in Europe, including FOREVERMAN which was commissioned by Paramount Pictures (producers: Stan Lee and Robert Evans), Andy Briggs collaborated with the Edgar Rice Burroughs Estate on young adult trilogy based on the adventures of Tarzan. HERO.COM and VILLAIN.NET are Andy's dual series of books - the series and the anti-series - which reinvent the superhero genre for a young-adult audience. Either series stands alone - but are perfect companion pieces - occasionally interweaving plot and character, and providing an exciting new take on an established genre, thrusting it into the present for the Playstation Generation.

Other books include POLYBIUS The Urban Myth – the first in a series of SpyQuest novels. Andy has also written several comics and graphic novels for Markosia, And he has been commissioned to write numerous thrillers for cinema and television.

Praise for Andy Briggs

‘Andy Briggs vision of a world with super-hero's and super-villain's is a very original one and has been very well realised. These books are superbly written, the story sets off at a high pace and never once slows down...' – Antony,

‘Tweens and younger teens who have wished for super powers will be drawn to this interesting concept, and there will be plenty of action to keep them reading.’ – Booklist

‘You like stories with fights? Chases? Explosions? Heroes? Villains? Explosions? Spectacular hideouts? Sinister master plans? Gadgets? Missiles? Awesome powers and (oh, yeah) explosions?? Then these books have got THE LOT.’ – Sam Enthoven, author of THE BLACK TATOO and TIM